My 2015 Mileage

I’m an accountant by trade and I love me some spreadsheets. So of course I have a knitting spreadsheet. I’ve blogged about it before. Below is a screenshot from my 2015 Ravelry projects tab.

This year I completed 35 projects for a total 13,112 yards of yarn. So basically I knit 7.45 miles of yarn. Not to shabby for having a wee one making my life crazy. But I also consider the flip side of my knitting. I added 12,064 yards or roughly 6.85 miles of yarn to my stash through stash acquisition and enhancement. The good news is I knit more than I added! I came out on the net out side of 1,047 feet or just over half of a mile! This is the first year in a long time I ended in a net out position.

Fingers crossed for the same luck in 2016!

Happy Knitting!


6 thoughts on “My 2015 Mileage

  1. I’m not very (or at all) diligent about tracking how much yarn I use. I really should. Then I would know how much is left, which would help me plan other projects that use the scraps… And then I would KNOW how many miles of wool have passed through my fingers at the end of the year.

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