My First Craftsy Class

I’ve made the leap into Craftsy and joined my first class. It’s Lucy Neatby’s Knit-Along 2016: Socks and over the coming year we will learn a whole heap of new techniques and have three new pairs of socks! 

Who wants to join me?


5 thoughts on “My First Craftsy Class

  1. Delighted that you are joining the knit-along. The combination of two favorites — Lucy Neatby and Craftsy was more than I could ignore — despite resolution to reduce stash this year. My yarn arrived yesterday and I’m busy swatching. Looking forward to your posts, as usual.

  2. I’m game! It’s free after all. I feel sort of lazy opening my crafty app at the moment but look for me tomorrow over there. I’ll do that tomorrow. If I open now I’ll be bombarded with stuff I have ignored. The Neatby is outrageously amazing. I shall also use stash and pass on the kit. Or just watch and pretend I’m knitting. Or just watch and knit on whatever. It’s totally worth it to just watch. I’m a Neatby fan.

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