FO Friday: Heritage Vanilla Socks

The Heritage Vanilla Socks for the hubby are done! They weren’t without their trials but for heavens sake they are finished!  Pattern: A 72 stitch toe up vanilla sock with 60% afterthought heel

Yarn: Cascade Yarns Heritage Prints

Needles: Size 2 US 9″ circulars

Size: US Mens  Size 12 shoe (give or take)

I managed to snap a few photos last night while the hubby was playing video games. (Sorry for the lighting…best I could do). They fit okay. Due to some epic memory loss and lack of note taking…one sock is has an 11 inch sole and the other 10 1/2 inch sole. I can totally tell the difference and my husband says one is tighter than the other. He won’t let me fix it. And I’ve decided to let him have them as is. I’m considering it an experiment to see which level of snugness her prefers.

This was a single skein of 100 gram yarn. I knit the first sock until my skein weighed 50 grams and then bound off. Reason would dictate that I was at half my yarn, right? Wrong…I knit the second sock to the same measurements as the first (save the 1/2 I missed in the foot) and I still have 34 grams of yarn left in the skein!! Now it’s possible the skein was a bit heavier than 100 grams as I didn’t weight it before I started. But still 34 grams seems a bit excessive to have left over after two almost identical socks…

I’m going to ball up the remainder and save in case the husband decides he would like them taller. I can just undo the cuff bind on and keep knitting. For now…these are done!

Happy Knitting!


6 thoughts on “FO Friday: Heritage Vanilla Socks

  1. ugh – men’s socks – they’re like watching paint dry aren’t they? Why didn’t I marry a groovy man who would entertain wearing something fun on his feet? Well done for finishing – my husband’s Christmas socks are still on the needle (I’ve just started to use 1 long circular and knit two at a time – I’ve found it doesn’t stop mistakes, but at least they’re the same mistakes on both which lends more weight to the “design feature” defence!)

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