Working Out The Kinks

I finished my crochet baby blanket! I definitely had a few kinks in the process. I feel fairly clumsy with the hook still.

This is definitely a test piece! I had trouble controlling my tension and losing stitches at the end of my rows. Look how wonky this sides are! But I did get the hang of the half double crochet stitch and where to place my hook. This finished blanket turned out to be 21 inches by 27 inches so that’s not bad for baby sized. I’m still not ready to start a huge blanket and I had another single skein of this Bernat Baby blanket in my stash so I started a second one.

Upside is that this one is more even and the stiches are easier to see in the blue color. And boy howdy is this faster than knitting. I finished my white blanket in four sittings or roughly 8 hours! I don’t think I’ll end up being a huge crochet fiend but it is a great way to knock out a quick baby knit!


6 thoughts on “Working Out The Kinks

  1. Barnett Baby yarn is some of my favorite! Doing a single crochet around the edge is a really easy way to pretty it up! Blankets are HARD! You did a great job for just getting the hang of the double crochet.

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