Babies Babies Babies

I have a several babies making their appearance this year in my circle of friends. And I’ve developed a reputation for gifting hand knits. Not that I don’t love knitting for wee ones but my limited craft time makes it hard to want to work on obligation knitting. But my newfound crochet skills have given me an easy out!

I have worked another crochet baby blanket in half double crochets in Bernat Baby Blanket in the color little roses. I used two skeins this time for a bigger blanket. I’m quite pleased and it’s getting easier to handle the hook. I think the variagated yarn really lends itself to hiding my another status as well! Not to mention I knocked this out in two evenings. 

You can find my Rav notes here for yarn and project details.

Happy Knitting!

6 thoughts on “Babies Babies Babies

  1. I’m really impressed with how quick you just took off with crocheting on top of all your knitting projects! I’ve maybe done a crochet edge on a knit baby blanket once…I just can’t seem to take the crocheting plunge. Sure is nice how fast it seems to go compared to knitting!

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