My Husband Thinks I am Weird

I hand wash some of my “special” socks still. This last time I was too lazy to take them downstairs to the laundry line to dry. The stove seemed an optimally warm place to hang them, lol.

The husband walked in and saw them then literally raised his eyebrows at me and walked out. At least he didn’t laugh!

Do you dry your hand knits in weird places?


7 thoughts on “My Husband Thinks I am Weird

  1. We have handknits and wool drying all over the house, mostly because Harmon uses wool over his cloth diapers. I think my husband finds it normal now. I like to lay my items over the floor heating vent overnight, they dry crazy fast that way. Your idea is genius!

  2. Seems just perfect. If the dog can use the space in front of the stove because its nice and warm, we can dry socks and scarves and shawls there to. 🙂 I very often use it for my dishclothes as well, then they don’t stay damp so long. 😉

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