The month of February has become known as Vestuary in the knitting world. I’m not sure who started it but it’s cute regardless. I’ve never played along but I got the itch this year. I’ve been eyeing the Aeon Vest by Hilary Smith Callis.

(Photo @hilarysmithcallis)

I want this vest like right now in this color in my greedy little paws. Jewel tones really go well with my eyes and skin tone. Not to mention that the open nature of this vest won’t emphasize my still there mom belly. And it’s got pockets!!

This is worked in worsted and I need over 1,000 yards. I can’t afford to break the bank but I really need this sweater!!! A friend had recently mentioned she used Mighty Stitch by Knit Picks for a sweater and found it really hard wearing yet soft. Perfect for my life where I get covered in Toddler “love” every day. It’s 20% SW and 80% acrylic with 208 yard skeins. At $3.49 per ball I could knit my vest for under $25. And you guys….they had that blue….

It’s “celestial” and just perfect. So then I might have gone right over and put in my order. I’m hoping the yarn gets here fast so I can at least start this in Vestuary!


9 thoughts on “Vestuary

  1. I cannot believe how out of the knitting culture loop I have become–Vestuary is total news to me! I’m actually knitting a baby vest right now so I guess I’m accidentally participating. 😉 I love your choice & all the reasons for choosing it–pockets are a must in my world, too.

  2. First of all. I love that vest it’s so cute I am tempted to put it in my queue right away. Second of all. I have purchased several skeins of that yarn and absolutely love it. I have a bunch in the shade of ash to knit my Hubby a sweater.

  3. I hadn’t head of that before, but sounds like fun! I may have to crochet my whole family some vests now! Can’t wait to hear how it turns out. I know you’ll keep us updated. 🙂

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