FO Friday: Go Patriots! Socks

I did it! I finished my Go Patriots! Socks and just in the nick of time!

Pattern: Toe up Vanilla Sock with Gusset Heel

Yarn: Berry Colorful Yarnings Pats self-striping sock with Premier Sock in Black for the toes

Needle: US 2 nine inch circular

Ravelry notes here.

I had to put my hustle pants on but these socks made the #dcspigskinparty2015 KAL deadline. And my husband even wore then last week during the Patriots/Broncos game. My husband is not superstitious so he held no ill will towards the socks after the Broncos loss thank goodness.

 The hubby now has two pair of hand knit socks. One afterthought vanilla pair and this vanilla gusset heel pair. I’m going to make him wear them both for awhile and decide which fit he likes better before I got knitting him many more.

Happy Knitting!


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