What Did I Get Myself Into 

The yarn for my Aeon Vest is here! Now I’m being a good girl. I’ve knit a swatch…

I haven’t blocked it yet. But I did use the recommended size 6 needles and the fabric is very loose. I haven’t compared this to pattern guage because it’s not blocked and I’m not sure I like how this fabric feels. I want this vest not to grow when worn or be too loosey goosey.

Now before I did this swatch I had taken my measurements to find the appropriate pattern size. I then went about marking up the pattern after reading carefully. I like to white out all the directions that don’t apply to me and make notes/highlights to help me along the way. Now I’m not sure the size I marked is the one I’ll end up knitting based on my desired fabric guage…knitting fail.

Having done all that, I can’t help but think….what the hell did I get myself into!? This pattern is knit in one piece and has detailed directions. But it’s my first foray into a moderately shaped piece with lots of *at the same time*. I may well lose what little brains I have left. But  I know I will need to color coded the snot out of this to reduce my chance of screwing up.

Only time will tell! Happy Knitting!!


7 thoughts on “What Did I Get Myself Into 

  1. I am sure you will master this! And if you do not get gauge with the recommended needle size you can always alter the size you want to make 😉 there is more than one possibility to get it right! good luck!

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