Mittens for Jellybean

Even in the heat of summer my child has been obsessed with mittens and light up Spider-Man snow boots. Now the mittens were just cheap dollar store mittens from last year. I think at 2 he’s ready for some mom made mittens!

I’ve completed the first one by using some leftover Berroco Vintage in a teal with the No Swatch, No Guage mittens for kids by Jean Gifford. I don’t like working on DPNs but these adorable mittens will be with it. They are slightly big now but here’s hoping that at least gets us part way through winter!

Happy Knitting!!


Cast On: Spooky Vanilla Socks

With my Pot O Gold bummer I needed a pick me up. I’ve been flirting with the idea of doing Socktober KAL with the Carlina Fiber Girls podcast in addition to 2016 Pigskin Party KAL with the Down Cellar Studio podcast. The result is this beauty from my stash..

This is Berry Colorful Yarnings Spooky color on her sock base. I would get points for yardage and sponsor year for the Pigskin Party. And points for just the sock in Socktober. I’m crazy right?

I’m working a 70 stitch toe up vanilla sock with afterthought heel to preserve the stripes. I got cast on during a two hour webinar at work the other day. The yarn is very fine but lovely to work with.

I managed to slip this over my toe for fit. Right now it’s sitting at zero ease so I know it will fit. These may just be slouchy around the house socks!

Happy Knitting!!

Cast On: Mighty Rainbow Blanket

And so it begins…

I’ve cast on the and worked two rows of the first rainbow color. The yarn is very soft. I’m finding that the metal knit picks interchangeable needles I chose are not well suited for this. I need to dig through my needle stash to find other size 9 options before I continue.

I’ve for both plans to finish this for blitz points for the 2016 Down Cellar Studio Pigskin Party KAL. Fingers crossed anyway! It’s only 30 garter rows per color. Never mind the 240 stitches ☺️

Happy Knitting!!

Sad Panda

My newest socks off the needles took a bit of a sad turn. I put them in a cold water wash with Soak on gentle in my machine and disaster…..



The blue and purple dye bled and just changed the whole sock. I’m a sad panda. They still fit and are beautiful in a fashion. They just aren’t my bright cheery socks anymore. I should have citric acid treated them but I was in a rush and didn’t think. I whole heartedly regret that but what can you do?

I have an email in to the yarn maker to see what I did wrong and to let them know there was a problem. No answer as of yet.

Here’s to happier knitting!

FO Friday: Pot O Gold Vanilla Socks

My hands are getting back in to shape. I’ve managed to make up some time and finish my Pot O Gold vanilla socks.

They turned out a bit loose in the leg but the feet are a perfect fit. 

Pattern: 64 stitch toe up vanilla socks with afterthought heel.

Yarn: Dove Roving company Tapping Tootsie in the Pot O Gold color

Needles: US 2 circ

I couldn’t be happier and this has been just the boost I’ve needed to get back in to knitting.

Happy Knitting!

Zooming Socks

I feel the need to shout this from the rooftops….I LOVE THIS YARN!

I started a sock this week and I already finished the first one! This is the Orbit base from String Theory Colorworks in the black body radiation color. It’s a heavy fingering to sport weight yarn. And boy does it zoom!!

I’m doing a 60 stitch vanilla sock on US2 needles. I did an afterthought heel to preserve my stripes. I have even started the second one and I’m optimistic I can make an exact matching pair!

I think I’m in love ❤️

Happy Knitting!

WIP Wednesday: Old Man of Storr

I’ve managed to add a few rows to my Old Man of Storr shawl.

It’s really starting to get bunched up on the needles. It takes me an entire evening of post baby bedtime knitting to do four rows now.

But I’m in the home stretch. I’m in to the last chart repeat that is in stockinette. I can’t wait to see this finished!!

Happy Knitting

Podcast Goodies

Awhile back Emily from the Knitting Butterflies podcast has a contest on her show. I entered on a whim because she was giving away a seriously adorable Erin Lane bag and because the contest was about iTunes reviews. I think if you enjoy a podcast that you should support them. I might have drooled over the bag a little too….

And I won! I am ever so grateful to all the bloggers and podcasts who take the time all and all the work involves to gather and ship prizes for these kinds of things. It has to be crazy to fit this stuff in on top of everyday life and a successful podcast. She even tucked in a skein of golden sock yarn!

Now what to put in the bag???

Oh Look…Pretty Yarn

I was in my fiber storage the other day putting away the scraps from my last couple of projects and I heard a tiny voice call “knit me!”

I peaked in my sock yarn bin and this glorious skein of String Theory Orbit in Black Body Radiation popped out at me. It was part of my 2016 sock yarn experiment haul and I hadn’t gotten to it yet.

Never mind the box of UFOs, I wound up this hot little skein in preparation for the DCS Pigskin Party KAL. I was even able to take a good crack at winding it so the stripes will match. Though I probably just jinxed it, lol. I need to get the Pot O Gold socks off my needles so this yarn can jump on them!

Happy Knitting


My apologies for any of my subscribers who have gotten email updates about new blog posts and then finding none. I mostly use my iPhone for blogging and the latest update of WordPress has some new quirks. It’s publishing my scheduled posts WAY ahead of when they are supposed to. I again sincerely apologize. 

Don’t worry….great yarniness lays ahead. See?

Happy Labor Day weekend to all the US peeps!