Helping Hands

My hands have taken a beating lately. Between cold/flu germs, diaper changes and 60+ degree weather changes my hands are dry and cracked. And one day while perusing my blog feed I saw Knitting Sarah talking about the same thing. And she was hooking up with Love+Leche to offer a deal. I have dabbled in lotion bars in the past with success so I jumped on her coupon code.

I got a lotion tin in the citrus-rose scent and a mini bar in the lemongrass color. 

I have noticed a huge improvement already. My open cracks are closing up and my hands are dealing better with the constant washing. I’m having to apply at least three times a day but my hands are burning anymore from the painful dry skin. And listening to podcasts this past weekend I think I heard The Two Ewes podcast doing their coupon code with Love + Leche as well. I highly recommend this all natural bar!!

Happy Knitting!!


2 thoughts on “Helping Hands

  1. I love this stuff too! I got in on a deal from another blog and ordered the lotion bars,anywhere balm, several mini bars and the Goat Milk soaps too. I gave them out as stocking stuffers during Christmas time 🙂

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