Organization Is A Beautiful Thing

When life feels too crazy my default response is color coding and organization in all the things. I recently started back to work and taking PB with me. It’s bananas you guys. It totally works but it’s a whole new world. PB and I are both still figuring it out.

So I needed a new planner because my old one ended in July while I was on maternity leave. I use a paper planner to keep notes and log my work flow in order to know where I am on short term and long term projects. It’s old school and I know my phone can do the same but I like having the book in my hands. So thanks to some late night wine fueled Amazon shopping I have a brand spanking new planner and lovely erasable frixion markers to color code my life into submission.


Disclaimer – This organization does not in fact actually help the chaos but it sure does look pretty and make me feel just a teensy bit more on top of things. Your mileage may vary.


Wishing Knitting: A Good Hat Yarn

I have been having a hard time getting a skein of yarn from my stash out of my head these days. I picked up some Lemonade Shop yarn earlier this year. It’s an amazing grey and rainbow combination. It’s delicious……


I want a nice plain project that will really let this yarn shine. I’m thinking about the Sockhead Slouch by Kelly McClure. The trick will be to get the gauge just right so the yarn doesn’t flash or pool and lets the rainbow blips show up like I want. That might mean a couple starts and frogs. I’m not sure how I feel about that….

Does anyone else have any vanilla hats they like for fingering weight yarn?


Cast On: Easy Peasy Triangular Scarf

I bit the bullet and decided to cast on one of my wishful knitting ideas.

I pulled out my Nickie’s Knots sparkle sock blank and after much deliberation decided to use the pattern for which this yarn was designed for. It’s called the Easy Peasy Triangular Scarf and the pattern is not listed on Ravelry. But I had a copy of the pattern from the dyer/designer. I initially started from the wrong end of the blank but I quickly remedied that.  The pattern is pretty easy to memorize and incorporates a faux i-cord edge on on side. Otherwise it’s all garter stitch and simple increases.

Working with ramen like yarn is a new experience but not altogether unpleasant. I’m a good chunk of the way into this and I don’t hate it, so I’m going to keep going. I really like the sparkle and how the subtle yarn variegation is showing up. It will be interesting to see how this crinkly looking project will look after a good bath when it relaxes into it’s new form.

Happy Knitting!!

Big Bang Tubes

My bedtime knitting time has lead to some (almost) finished socks. My Big Bang Vanilla Socks are officially complete tubes!

I’m just beyond tickled pink that they match exactly. Turtlepurl yarns is a genious and an amazing dyer. I have some big box store solid red yarn on hand for the afterthought heels. I just need some good light and uninterrupted knitting time to get them started. But those two things are a precious commodity these days. Time will tell….

Happy Knitting!!

Cast On: PB’s Sporty Cardigan #2

Since I seem to be on a roll with baby sweaters and finishing the knitting on the Gidday Baby….I decided to cast on another Sporty Cardigan in the next size up.

I have enough of the Frabjous Fibers Messenger Kit from the first Sporty Cardigan to work another one….with a little extra yarn added that is. I pulled some Knit Picks Comfy sport from my deep stash to use. It’s not the same fiber content as the Frabjous kit but given this is a baby sweater and that I really don’t care I’m rolling with it.

I worked the collar ribbing in the Frabjous kit yarn and I think I’m gonna use the Comfy Sport in Lady Slipper to work the entire yoke. And for the body and the sleeves I will stripe the Frabjous Fibers and see how far I can get. I may have to finagle this one a bit but it will be an adventure!

Happy Knitting!!

A Sweater…Minus The Buttons

PB’s Gidday Baby sweater is all done but the buttons.

I need to give this thing a good bath and blocking. It’s not going to solve my obvious sleeve tension issues but it will even out the body stitches and give a nice fresh smell. The sleeves didn’t turn out as long as I thought and I probably should have extended them. But I was kinda over knitting them and bracelet length are okay for babies right?

I need to dig out some buttons as well. I’m really not sure what kind or color I’m looking for. I may just hit the fabric store and browse until something strikes my fancy.

Happy Knitting!!

Date Night Knitting

The Hubs and I scored a date night thanks to the grandparents and the glory is that pumped breast milk. We had some yummy mexican food and margaritas followed by a viewing of Ant Man and the Wasp. I had my Big Bang Vanilla Socks hanging out in my purse and I churned through some of the second tube.

I’m doing my best to make them them match….including the increases for some slight calf shaping I put in the first tube. I managed to catch myself just at the right stripe in the dark at the movies to put in the first set.

I managed to put the set in while PB was snoozing and take some sneaky photos on the bed. I’m loving having these easy tubes to knit on. But I’m not sure how or when I’ll manage to get the afterthought heels installed. Between being back at work and taking care of the house and two kids my knitting time is precious and I’m not left with many brain cells.

Maybe I can get the grandparents to come back?? Happy Knitting!

Gauge Is A Thing

PB’s Gidday Baby sweater has one sleeve. But my sleep deprived noticed one small problem.

Guess what…..gauge is a thing….

I just grabbed the DPNs at the bottom of my project bag and merrily knit away. Well, they are one size smaller than the needles I used for the body. And boy howdy can you tell they are different gauges. I quickly made the executive decision that I don’t get enough knitting time to rip them out and redo them. I’m just going to call this an “unintentional design feature” and move on the second sleeve.

On the upside….I did manage to minimize the laddering between my DPNs, lol. Happy Knitting!!

Inattentive Gardening

Between keeping up with a two month old and doing some late summer traveling….we sorta lost track of some of our garden. Our tomatoes and bell peppers aren’t doing diddly squat and worms ate our jalapenos. But wowza our zucchini went nuts and we didn’t notice…..

Here’s my hand for scale….

These were too woody and tough to eat but we made a nice vegetable dice for the deer in the nearby woods, lol. And fingers crossed we can salvage some more produce yet this summer that isn’t ginormous.


Gidday Baby Update

PB’s Gidday Baby cardigan is done through the body!

I’m so glad the button bands are knit as you go. Not that I mind button bands but I’m absolute rubbish at picking up stitches as I go. I never get the ratio just right. But I’m pleased with this cardigan so far. Berroco vintage is a nice washable workhorse yarn. The sizing is working out decent. I’m not sure this is a 12 month exactly but it’s big enough to fit PB this fall. I still have to work the sleeves and they include some striping.

The only hesitation I have about this garment is the color combo. It’s not horrible but the cream and blue sometimes just catch my eye in an odd way sometimes. But considering PB is gonna spit up and chew on it…..I’m not sure the colors matter all that much, lol. And this is using up some relatively old stash for me so that’s a plus. My hubby keeps saying as long as she warm that’s all that matters!

Happy Knitting!!