Puppy Dog Eyes

How could you not love this face?!

But I think he wants me to put the knitting away…

Happy Knitting!


My Little Momma

Rest in peace my sweetest gentlest little momma. You were my first baby and I will hold you in my heart forever.

Chloe ~2/14/08 – 12/28/15 ~ ❤️

A Curveball

Knitting today has been postponed on account of dog cuddles. Dex got a raging ear infection and ensuing swelling from head shaking required minor surgery on his ears. Doc got him all cleaned up and it’s healing nicely but I’m putting down the needles to cuddle my fur baby!


Ps. He hates the ear sleeve……


The Dreaded Cone

My poor fur baby got a little too rambunctious at the park the other day and opened up his foot. Despite our best at home care a visit to the vet was necessary. Dex COULD not wait to leave the vet!

But it was probably due to the dreaded cone. That face!!! With salve and antibiotics he should be right as rain in a week. (And stop knocking stuff over with his satellite dish, lol.)

He’s just going to need a little extra TLC!


Friday Funny!

I saw this on Pinterest and busted up laughing. Source unknown but pretty much sums up a Friday after the week I’ve had!


A Boy and His Dog

We have been working on getting the fur babies used to a moving and mobile tiny human.



Our lab is so gentle and calm. We only introduce them fully supervised and with lots of positive praise for both. So far so good!

Fingers crossed they become fast friends!!


A Dogs Life


We took Dex to the local dog day care for a day (I know we are now spoiling him rotten) as a reward for being a good fur brother to Jellybean. He LOVES it and came home so exhausted he almost fell sleep sitting up. I guess learning to doggy slide is hard work!

Oh how I wish I could have watched him play! What do you do to spoil your fur babies?


Sometimes you’re the dog, sometimes you’re the bone…

Poor Dex….he tried to get off the couch and avoid the tummy time mat on the floor. Epic fail! He only managed to tangle his feet in it until he just sat down. He literally sat there an looked at me pitifully until I released him from his bonds…IMG_1217.JPG

IMG_1219.JPGIt just wasn’t your day buddy!



A Little Dog Humor

My fur babies are TERRIBLE beggars when it comes to snacks and people food. (As an aside they only get healthy dog friendly bits like carrots, broccoli, apples, lean meats, etc.) If they behave and perform their obedience commands I save the last bits to share with them.

I usually get this right up in my face…


And this is what you get when you command him to back up and lay down…


Pathetic right?


Saturday Night Snuggles

I’m *fingers crossed* down to my last row of jellybean’s blanket!! Then it gets a good soak and blocking to flatten out those hexigons!. I have yarn left over so in considering a single crochet or some other basic edging to go around the outside to give it a more polished look?

In the mean time my snuggle bunny and I have some knitting to do!!



Who needs socks when you have a fur blanket!? Lol

Happy Knitting!!