Project Planning

Mothers Day is right around the corner! While at the Mid-Plains Fiber Fair I picked up yarn for a specific project….my mothers day cast one!

Ravelry got me the other day. I saw the Nangou shawl by Melanie Berg and fell HARD. It’s a two color shawl worked mostly in garter. I needed at least 520 yards of main color and 100 yards of contrast. And I boy did I find what I needed! I have 800+ yards of the Hansen Hand Dyes and the normal 400 yard skein of the T&H Fiber Works.

I’m stupidly excited for Mother’s Day to get here so I can cast this on. I’ve already loaded the project bag with the yarn, pattern and needles. I still have to cake the yarn but I’m going to pet the pretties for just a little while longer before I do that.

Does anyone else do a Mother’s Day Cast On out there?


Cast On: Rainy Avenue

I recently stumbled across some caked up goodies in my stash, Cascade Yarns Sunseeker in a sparkle grey color. I bought this many moons ago and tried to start a very complicated shawl. I got frustrated and frogged it.

But now that my skills have grown a bit this yummy yarn deserves to be knit. I chose Rainy Avenue by Jeannie Kubricht. The pattern calls for a variegated contrast color but I think I’ll be a little more vanilla and just use one color throughout.

I pulled a project bag together and started the garter tab cast on. I have a few other WIPS I’d like to finish up before starting this. But it’s nice to know this project is ready and waiting for me when I’m ready to start working!

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Old Man of Storr Shawlette

Drum roll…my Old Man of Storr is done!

I’m soooo happy!

I used this pattern and I used Treasure Goddess Yarn in Super Toes Cashmere base in the Pieces of Eight color. It used up 510 yards of yarn or roughly 127 grams. And I knit using a size 4 needle.

It’s 60 inches across and 28 inches deep. The lace isn’t perfect but for my first attempt I’m overjoyed! And to top it all off it was my 2016 Mother’s Day cast on, so I’ll always have that cozy memory when I wrap up in this!

I even managed to turn this in for WIP points in the Down Cellar Studio Pigskin Party KAL! Insert happy dance here….

Happy Knitting!!

Oh Yeah….That’s What Was Wrong

Remember my shawl from yesterday? I remembered another reason I ripped it back….

I accidentally did a stockinette edge instead of garter like the rest of the shawl. Guess what I managed to do again?? Yep, totally did it twice in a row. That’s what I get for going weeks in between working on this project. I am NOT ripping back again. I decided to find 20 minutes of toddler free time and try to drop down and fix it.

I had to correct both sides. It’s not a perfect fix, but it’s definitely not looking like stockinette anymore. And at this point….I don’t care! It’s good enough and I’m ready to move forward, harrumph!!

Happy Knitting

Out Of Area 51

It’s that time of the Down Cellar Studio Pigskin Party KAL for WIPs! Look at this gem I pulled from Area 51!

This is my Old Man of Storr shawl from my Mothers Day 2016 cast on. I think last we spoke I had started the last section? Yeah, I had to rip that back out. I don’t know what happened but my eyelets were off. Harrumph!

I’m pleased to report that I am back to where I was and I’m carefully moving forward. I’m 16 pattern rows, 16 rest rows and a bind off away from being done! If I can finish this I get 25 points for the KAL! Must….knit….carefully

Happy Knitting!!

FO Friday: The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief

My shawl is done!

I made The Age of Brass and Steam by Orange Flower Yarn. I used Dragonfly Fibers Damsel in the Earth and Green colorway. I used mods on the because I had sport weight and the pattern called for fingering. The sport weight Yarn made this fly off the needles!

(Never mind the dark circles under my eyes….Jellybean is in a having bad dreams at night phase)

I used size 9 US needles and I knit one more stockinette and garter eyelet section each then called for. I even won at yarn chicken with just 2 yards left!! This baby is huge…

It’s 63 inches across and 22 inches deep. As you can see above from my atrocious selfies above that it wraps comfortably around my neck. My mother has been side eyeing this project since I started and so this might be her Christmas present. She spoils me so she is definitely knit worthy!

Happy Knitting!

Cast On: The Age of Brass and Steam Shawl

Awhile back I won some yarn from the 2knitlitchicks podcast giveaway. It’s Dragonfly Fibers Damael in rich reds, blues and greens. It fabulous. I fell down the Rav rabbit hole but did come up with a pattern for this yarn and my currently need for soothing knitting…..The Age of Brass and Steam by Orange Flower Yarn

I cast on during my tonsillectomy recovery. I’m loving it so far!

My garter tab cast needs some work but I’m happy enough, lol. I did end up using size 9 US needles when the pattern states 8s. But the fabric it’s making isn’t terrible so I don’t feel inclined to rip it out and start over. I am just going to have a slightly bigger shawl, no biggie!

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Old Man of Storr

I’ve managed to add a few rows to my Old Man of Storr shawl.

It’s really starting to get bunched up on the needles. It takes me an entire evening of post baby bedtime knitting to do four rows now.

But I’m in the home stretch. I’m in to the last chart repeat that is in stockinette. I can’t wait to see this finished!!

Happy Knitting

Back To Where I Was

I managed to get my Old Man of Storr shawl back to where I was when I had to rip!

I’m through two full repeats of lace. And my rainbow lifeline is in place and is sufficiently long this time. I have four more lace repeats to go and the rows just keep getting longer! 

There are a still few mistakes sprinkled in there but it’s much improved from my first attempt. I’m not sure I’m a lace convert/addict but I am enjoying this project. I find myself wanting to pick this up over other things.

Happy Knitting!!