Let me preface this blog post with….I’m not a bullet journal person. But I do see the merit in some of the philosophies. Here of late I have felt stagnant with both my knitting and healthy habits. I also know that I’m a visual person and I like things to be on paper. I managed to snag some Shutterfly coupons and get a snazzy lined 5 by 8 spiral bound notebook. So I decided to create a journal of sorts!

I created a page to see how much I actually knit. Having a full time job and tiny tyrannical toddler makes it feel like I never get to knit. Every day that I touch a project earns a colored in square. I’m interested to see what the colors show…

I also started a “rainbow” chart to show how many days I hit my health goals for the day. This one is calendared for each day of April. I’m hoping to see more colors than blanks…fingers crossed!

This may or may not stick with me. But heck….why not try?


In The Search of Being Fit

As much as I would love to knit 24/7 I know my back 40 would never fit into pants ever again. I have a Fitbit and I’m recommitting to getting my steps as best I can every day. And boy did I rock it today!

I beat my goal and took a two hour nap! Maybe it’s just the spirit of the Olympic Games spurring me on! 

What is your favorite workout?

2016 Ravellenics

I’m restarting Jellybean’s Christmas hat. And participating in the Ravellenics (at least in spirit). I didn’t join the official competition or set goals. I’m happy to just have a few minutes to sit, knit, and watch he games!

I love volleyball in all shapes and forms so I’m catching all the games I can given that I have a full time job and an active toddler!

Happy Knitting!!

Banking For Life

Yesterday my coworkers took part in a Breast Cancer Awareness 5K and it was amazing! We raised a ton of money for cancer research and got a great workout. Being a financial institution, our team name was “Banking For Life”.

Every woman should know the risks of breast cancer and get screened regularly!!! Seriously, it saves lives. I am high risk with breast cancer on both sides of my family and I take this sh*t for reals. I do monthly self exams and see my doctor every year like clockwork!

Here are some snaps of our crazy group!! Enjoy, and don’t forget to give’em a squeeze!







Distraction and Disc Golf

I played a round of disc golf with the husband over last weekend. The hubs is pretty serious about it and I’m terrible. Not to mention the course we played could have doubled for a horror movie set with the abundance of creepy wooded areas.

I kept getting distracted by the foliage and canopies of trees against the brilliant blue sky! The hubs got annoyed. It was a gorgeous October day so we stopped keeping score and just enjoyed the day together.

Here are a few of my favorite snaps from the afternoon…





A Wandering Walk

Over Labor Day Weekend I took a wandering walk while at my parents house. It was a bright and sunny morning, so I tried to snap a few shots of my favorite things about growing up in a rural community.

P.S. I am not a very good photographer, lol. And I took these on an iPhone…bear with me…

Rusty farm equipment in the sun



My old high school, Pike Valley High School



The Scandia water tower



Rolling fields of green



The high school football field and my parents home




Happy Tuesday to you all!!

My Zombie Leg

I survived my volleyball tournament…sort of thanks to my klutziness 


The bruises and bleeding due to broken blood vessels have settled into my foot. I spent 6 1/2 hours on Saturday jumping up and down on this leg. I say it’s not that bad considering! My shin is still pretty swollen and I have pretty good pools of bruising on both sides of feet and on top of my foot just before my toes. I have affectionately named this my “zombie leg”!

My friends and I competed in the Sunflower State Games in the competitive volleyball bracket. (I made sure to check out with a doc and got the green light to play) We played three matches in pool play and taking 3rd out of four teams. Then we moved on to bracket play where we played one match, which we lost….badly.

Our team has a lot of knowledge and experience….just not a lot of endurance. Our average age was 31. Most of the teams we played had an average age of 19…and by 19 I mean they were ALL 19. Not to mention that we did not practice before hand and only four of us had played together before. We had some fun, probably too much at some times, and got a great workout.

I am beyond sore! Almost every major muscle group is sore including my legs, butt, back, core abs, and even shoulders. It seriously took me five minutes to lace up my sneakers to take a short run on Sunday to work out the kinks, lol.

Now to get back to knitting! I just wish I hadn’t smashed my right thumbnail on Saturday during the second game! It makes knitting a little hard when I don’t want to put pressure on that particular digit….


Viva La Vacation!!!

Today marks the beginning of 10 days of freedom from the big kid job!!! I have to take five consecutive business days once a year and since we have the new house I couldn’t think of a better time. I have a mini vacation to-do list:

1. Visit my best friend who also just bought a new house and is expecting her first baby later this year

2. Visit my college friends who had a baby 2 months ago and whom I have not yet visited (I’m a terrible friend)

3. Start Stashbustin #15 and work at least two color stripes

4. Finish my Snug baby sweater (Stashbustin’ #16)

5. Finish my Mud Season #2 sweater (Stashbustin’ #17)

6. Walk 2 miles a day with the puppies

7. Get back to my regular Mon/Wed/Sat classes at the Gym….I really miss my fitness ladies

8. Start the set up of my craft room….my very own craft room!!! (I don’t have all the necessary storage devices as we are bit tight in our budget and can’t afford them yet. But I need to do some cleaning and sorting before I get to putting away anyway)

I may or may not get all this done….but I like having goals that stretch me. Wish me luck!!!


Adventures in Ice Skating

Saturday was an amazing day! We spent the afternoon with friends at a baby shower/housewarming. I presented the Momma-to-be with her own One Row Blanket in sage green. She was delighted! I also threw in a baseball cacoon/snuggly of my own design and improvisation as she is having a boy and Daddy-to-be has high hopes for his athletic future. We all used to live in the same town but they moved early last year so we can’t see each other very often.  It was amazing to spend time with some great friends. I can’t wait until we get to meet their son! I hope to be able to share some snaps of the baby wrapped up in hand knits in a few weeks.

On the drive back to town my husband told me he had a surprise for me since it was our first weekend together after he started his new job. But he wouldn’t tell me or give me any hints…argh. So when we got home we ate an amazing grilled chicken dinner and watched a movie. I was thrilled and delighted to have such a sweet date night. But it wasn’t over…at 9:30 my husband brought me my shoes and coat and said ‘let’s go’!

He took me ice skating for the first time ever in my life!! Our town has a local semi-pro hockey team and after the home games they let you free skate for just a few bucks. While it gets cold in Kansas, it never gets cold enough long enough to freeze any lakes or rivers. And I grew up in the boonies so we didn’t exactly have access to ice rinks. IT WAS AMAZING and it really wasn’t that much different than roller skating. A few turns around the rink and I was hooked! Not to mention its a GREAT workout and my ankles/legs/behind are sore this morning to prove it!! It was such a great feeling to fly across the ice next to my husband. It will definitely be included in our regular date night options. Sorry no photos as I was deathly afraid of flying across the ice and crashing thereby smashing my phone. But trust me it’s cool!

But you know I found myself doing? I kept noticing all the hand knits that everyone was wearing. It was fairly frosty in the rink. Scarves, hat, beanies, cowls, sweaters, boot toppers, ear warmers… much delicious yarn everywhere. I couldn’t help but think….”I could make that!” “Oh that’s pretty!” So much yarn worn by people of all walks of life, ages, and styles. There was boho-chic, chunky knits, downtown hipster, crazy novelty yarn, and just down right warm and snuggly amazing-ness. It’s crazy how many knits you can find when you start looking. I’m beginning to think I have problem when I can spot a hand knit from half a block away.

On top of all this, I made great progress on my Chevron Blanket during all the car travel time and movie time. FO object post coming soon!!!!

Happy Knitting!

Volleyball Tuesday

I have been living in my current city for five years and I started playing pick up games of volleyball on Tuesdays a couple years after we got situated. That introduced me to some wonderfully talented players and now I play every Tuesday in a competitive league with some awesome people! I played all through middle school, high school, club ball, comparatively in college, and intramural college. I LOVE volleyball!

We typically play a 4-2 system, two setters, two middle hitters, and two outsides. (This season one of our middles is 6’3″!!!! That is about as rare as finding two decent setters for one team.) Tonight we had two subs, both hitters. This meant we had to snap into a 5-1 with me playing the only setter. Boy howdy did I get a workout! I have the knots in my shoulder to prove it. Not to mention a few bumps and bruises from running into people as we tried to transition back and forth, lol.

We went 5-1 in matches for the night with a few rough stretches but we worked out the kinks eventually. Not bad for a bunch of ladies on the verge of 30 and still trying to play like we are 18!

Now for some time with my feet up and snuggling the puppies….