FO Friday: Antimuon Vanilla Socks

My lovely pair of isomer paired sock yarn socks are done! My Antimuon Socks are in the FO column…

I created these using a basic toe-up vanilla sock over 72 stitches. My Ravelry notes are here. I only needed roughly 70% of the skein or 327 yards of yarn. I basically eyeballed the second sock instead of measuring the first. This may have led to an error. The second sock with the wider color stripes is a smidge shorter in the leg than the first. I was just so excited to finish them and stop at a navy section that they came up short. Shhhh, don’t tell the knitting police on me!

The first sock I knit was with the skinny stripes of color. I was very pleased with my color management on the heel.

Then the second sock….boy do I love these larger stripes even more! They are just so bright and neon, what’s not to love? And again I was very happy with how I was able to insert the afterthought heel and maintain the color progression. Both socks have been safely tucked away in the cedar chest for next fall!

Happy Knitting!!


WIP Wednesday: Antimuon Socks

My Antimuon Socks are creeping ever closer! I put the heel in the first sock.

I even managed fairly consistent color management! The navy stripe is a bit big but I got the green stripe to fall where I wanted. And I’m past the waste yarn for the heel in the second sock.

Not to play favorites, but I really like the stripe sequence in the second sock better. The bright neons just make me happy. These have been my purse/backpack knitting so I’m not sure how fast they will continue to grow. So I’m just going to enjoy the ride!

Happy Knitting 

Cutting In The Heels

I finally worked up the courage to cut the afterthought heels on my sister’s Christmas Socks! (I was at my parents house with the toddler distracted and using Mom’s Ott light.)

I started by watching KirbyWirby’s YouTube tutorial and with my blank canvas of a sock.

Then I threaded my needles in at the correct measurement and stitch count.

Then I held my breath and……cut my knitting! And ever so carefully pulled out those stitches.

Doesn’t look half bad! I managed to cut and get needles in both socks. I only dropped one stitch and just caught it with a removable stitch marker for now. I didn’t have the time to start actually knitting the heels. So I just slipped on a WIP cozy and put them in my knitting bag for later. At least the stressful part is done!

Happy Knitting!!

Cygnus Vanilla Update

I admit all the focus on my Mighty Rainbow Blanket has made me yearn for other projects. And with my wrist being sore I needed a lighter project than my super heavy blanket. I’m sooo close to done so I indulged myself a little and pulled out my Cygnus Vanilla socks!

I pulled the yarn from the other end of the cake and installed the afterthought heel. After lots of trial and error I’ve found a formula of sorts for my heel. Instead of straight knit one round and decrease one round combo I have found a combination of multiple knit rows to a single decrease row that adds depth to the heel for a better fit. I’ll try to put notes in my Rav project for those with inquiring minds.

For now I’m off to finish the leg of this sock. With sport weight yarn it shouldn’t take much!!

Happy Knitting!

WIP Wednesday: Cygnus Vanilla Socks

Boy do I love sport weight yarn! After all the fingering weight all the time this just flies off my needles. And it amazes me every time even though it’s basic physics that larger yarn makes bigger stitches, ergo more fabric faster.

My birthday socks have a foot! I am making these to match the dimensions of my Black Body Radiation socks and so far so good. The ripcord for the afterthought heel is installed and I’m cruising up the leg. Did I mention how much I love this yarn? The colors of String Theory Colorworks just pop and all those pinks and purples are just tickling my knitterly heart.

Happy Knitting!

What’s On My Needles #12

My Picasso Marble sock is almost done!

This sock was my conference/training knitting last week. I managed to knit everything but the heel all while working. It was awesome and helped me stay awake, lol. Now I’m putting in the afterthought heel, then it’s on to sock #2! My notes are raveled here.

Happy Knitting!! 

More Heels Please!

More afterthought heels please!

I’ve put the afterthought heel into my first Vanilla Maple. I was chuffed to get the heel inserted exactly between two stripes. The colors didn’t fall in order but doesn’t bother me one bit. It’s beautiful and I adore the tiny orange bit (I think it looks like a smile peeking out)!

These socks are just so pretty and deliciously addicting!

Happy Knitting!!

Vanilla Maple For The Win

After a lot of thinking and possibly flipping a coin the winner is…….vanilla maple socks!

I’ve knit and inserted scrap yarn for my afterthought heel. I also decided to do a 2×2 rib for the leg. This sock is on US 0s with 74 stitches total (I normally work 68/70 stitches on US 1s). I was trying to get my normal sock gauge with this Felici that feels a bit finer than other color ways I’ve worked with. So I hedged my bets and went with a ribbed leg that would be more forgiving and hug my leg without falling down.

I’m totally loving these stripes! They are kind of addicting….

Happy knitting!

Checkerboard Update

I’ve made some tiny progress on my Checkerboard Socks.

I’m a HUGE fan of working the afterthought heel as soon as I have enough leg. I work with yarn from my second ball or the other end of the skein. I make sure to weigh the yarn to keep track of how much I used. This way I know how much to leave for the second one. But this is just my quirk about using all of the yarn of my toe up socks. My sock leftovers tend to be TINY or just enough to darn/repair later.

Now I just need to decide how long to make the leg before starting the cuff ribbing. Then of course start the second sock, lol!

Happy knitting

A Heel For My Husband

My husband sock has a heel!

The 3×1 ribbing was very fiddly to pick up especially in dark yarn. But I got there! 

 And all in all I was left with a very nice stockinette heel via the afterthought heel. And my Kitchener is getting much better if I do say so myself. (Though I still look up directions every single time.) 


 I’m hoping by weeks end to have a complete sock for the hubby to try on. Fingers crossed anyway!

Happy Knitting!