FO Friday: Storytime Scholar

The Storytime Scholar sweater is done! I made it just under the Pigskin Party KAL deadline. It has been washed and ends woven in. I went to sew on the buttons and I was informed by the tiny terrorist toddler that under no circumstance did it need buttons….

The upside is that he has actually worn this out to daycare and several times around the house. The pockets were a huge hit. I think I will wait until he forgets about it and add buttons later. He’ll never notice….I hope…

I only got one halfway decent photo of him and it was from behind…before the ends were woven in. But such is life with a toddler!

For those with inquiring minds here are the project details:

Pattern: Storytime Scholar by Lisa Chemery

Needles: US 10 and US 9

Size: 4T

I used approximately 465 grams of yarn or 511 yards. That is just over four and a half skeins of Knit Picks Biggo. I used some rabbit heather colorway from my stash.

Happy Knitting!


Almost There Storytime Scholar

I have finished sleeve purgatory on my Storytime Scholar cardigan for Jellybean. I’ve even picked up for the button bands and collar. It’s seriously like 10 or 12 rows of knitting and I will be done. I have plenty of yarn and I’m pleased with the project so far. It’s just a little less exciting color wise than other things I’ve been knitting lately so it can get dull.

This is my last active WIP for the Down Cellar Studio’s Pigskin Party 2016 KAL. All I have to do is have this done by the SuperBowl next weekend. I feel like the little engine that could…I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

WIP Wednesday: Storytime Scholar

I’ve reached sleeve purgatory in my Storytime Scholar!

I’m making the 4T size and I feel it’s taking forever. I thought I was close to finishing the first sleeve but when I held it up against a slightly too big tee….I still need more. Sigh

It really is close. And it’s bulky yarn so I just need to suck it up. I don’t mind the knitting, it’s just I can’t wait to get this on Jellybean!

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Storytime Scholar

My Storytime Scholar is cruising right along. I’m past the pockets and almost done with the ribbing. 

It’s knitting up very well with semi-dense fabric. Which I’m hoping will withstand the toddler abuse. I keep thinking it looks frighteningly big. But the thing with kids is that they keep growing!

My next step will be to bind off the ribbing and then I think I will seam up the pockets. The pattern calls for to do this last but the extra flapping fabric is bothering me. After that I guess it’s the dreaded sleeves. I’m saving the collar for last in case I need to use yarn management.

Happy Knitting!

Cast On: Storytime Scholar Sweater

My son is a tiny little inferno. It’s been legit below zero in Kansas a few time this winter and I’ve had to literally fight to get a coat on my 2.5 year old. A kind older couple (strangers to us) at the next table very nicely assisted in scamming my son into his coat after we enjoyed a nice dinner out. I mouthed a silent thank you to what I assume was a very accomplished Grandma. Or at least she should be one…she was great!

Having written this…I’m not sure why I’m even knitting what I’m about to show you…

This is the Storytime Scholar by Lisa Chemery. It’s a paid for pattern that I spotted one night on a Ravelry binge. It’s bulky and gorgeous and just all the things. I checked the “In My Stash” feature on Ravelry and noticed I had enough Knit Picks Biggo to make this in a suitable neutral outerwear color. And I have the needles…so off I went! Being that this bulky I cruised through the raglan increases in one night. I’m now in the body and in skein two of yarn. It’s 50/50 superwash merino and nylon so it should wear just fine. Not that my little Jellybean will stop growing long enough to wear it out anyway. My 2.5 year old is already in 3-4T toddler clothing. So I’m hedging my bets and making the largest pattern size of 4T.

Fingers crossed he will wear it long enough for me to take at least some decent photos of it. And that it’s cold enough that I can get a few outings of this yet this winter.

Happy Knitting!

Picture Day!!!

Some of my most recent FOs got a good bath this past weekend and the husband helped me take some photos of them in the beautiful May sunshine.

First up, my Stylish Square Blanket or Stashbustin’ #13







This blanket was delivered to it’s new home yesterday. This golden treasure now belongs to my bestie from high school and her baby due later this year. I went to see her new home and couldn’t go empty handed. And what better to take to a new mom-to-be than a snuggly baby blanket?! She loved it of course and I can’t wait to meet my newest neice or nephew!


Next up my chocolate Mud Season or Stashbustin’ #14







I gave this sweater a spin on Monday as I ran errands. I threw a tank on underneath and it was perfect as the temp only made it to the mid 70s. I got a few compliments on it and I can’t wait to wear it again. But as the temps are getting into the 80s and 90s….I may have to wait until fall.

Happy Wednesday to all! I’m off to continue my battle of organizing my craft room. Wish me luck, lol

FO Friday: Stylish Square Blanket


Stashbustin’ #13 is complete!!

Please excuse the unwashed and unblocked photos. I finished this just in time to pack it in a box for our move. I LOVE Knit Picks Biggo, it’s soft and wooly but easy to care for. Big yarn on big needles always make this yarn fly by.

The golden color also helped me feel a little more spring like as it has snowed yet again in Kansas. It’s May now….we should be sweating our butts off!


This was a very elegant design with easy to follow instructions. I made one change, I worked a total of six rows and five columns instead of the recommended five and five. I had enough yarn so I just kept going. It was a stashbustin’ project after all!! My Rav notes are here.

I’m off to prepare for another theater performance and put my big girl undies and try hard pants on for our big move tomorrow! Wish me luck!!

Happy Knitting!

Stashbustin’ #13: Stylish Square Blanket

Introducing Stashbustin’ #13! I started a new blanket over the weekend….



I have five skeins of Knit Picks Biggo in Golden Heather burning a whole in my stash. I am a BIG fan of Knit Picks yarn and Biggo has become one of my go-to yarns for baby projects. It’s a soft wool blend that isn’t hard for a new parent to care for but also baby butt soft.

I perused my Ravelry queue and found The Stylish Square by Susan Hanlon. Simple seed stitch border with a alternating stockinette/reverse stockinette block design. And the wool blend is so yummy under my fingers.


Just the simple project I need as I head into the home stretch of trying to close on a house and opening a community theater show. It seems I’m surrounded by pregnant ladies so I’m sure I will find a good home for a blanket.

Happy Knitting!!!