Cast On: Nicole’s Christmas Socks Take Two

I am still working on the first pair but I’m on hold because of not having the foot trace for the afterthought heels. So I started her second pair. 

More Felici from deep stash and following the same recipe as before for a toe up vanilla sock. This was yarn I got from a destash so the dye lots don’t match. The first sock has me a bit worried because the stripe transitions aren’t as crisp as I normally see in Felici. At least in the lighter shades. My sister won’t mind or honestly know the difference so I’m just going to keep knitting!

Happy Knitting!

Cast On: Another Baby Sophisticate

A dear friend from literally pre-school is having a little baby boy. She and her husband worked and prayed very hard for this miracle. So I want to make something extra special. I’ve already knit a blanket.

Now the little mister needs a sweater! I am going with an old standby…the Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down. I pulled some Cascade Yarns Cherub Aran in a navy colorway from my stash. I bought this for a Jellybean sweater but he quickly outgrew this yardage before I could get knitting.


Ravelry tells me that this is the 8th such sweater I have knit. Nothing wrong with a great classic! Do you have any repeatable patterns?


Cast On: Dad’s Camo Socks

Due to my recent knitting ennui, I decided just to cast on some vanilla socks to get a jump on next year’s Christmas knitting. I pulled some Cascade Heritage 150 Prints from my stash. This is some self patterning yarn in a mix of brown colors. I think it looks a bit like camo.

This is just a 72 stitch toe-up vanilla sock on size US 1.5 needles. I think I will do a gusset heel as my dad likes the fit of that. It will mess up the self patterning a bit but he’s not fussy about such things.

This is a nice fat yarn that knits up very quickly. I’m already almost done with 9 inches of foot and getting ready for the heel after just a few knitting sessions on this. I was also pleased to use my new Big Bang Theory bag!

Happy Knitting!!

Cast On: Crochet Rainbow Baby Blanket

One of my longest and favorite friends from childhood recently let me know that she will be welcoming a tiny bundle of joy this summer. Okay, based on the size of her husband….may not be so tiny, but I digress.

My crafting time is pretty limited but she has worked CRAZY hard to get pregnant so she (and the baby) deserve something special. I knew Joanns was running a sale on Bernat Blanket and I found this amazing color!

The momma knows the sex of the baby but I don’t. So I figure bright rainbow suits either way. I’m doing a blanket similar to the Little Roses For A Little Princess one from last year. For this one I chained for 48 inches and I’m doing a half double crochet stitch and just working until I’m out of yarn or it’s big enough. Whichever comes first.

I love how fast bulky crochet goes so I’m already almost through the first skein! The colors are also helping to brighten up the dreary winter nights. I just have to watch myself so I don’t miss too many stitches and start going trapezoidal!

Happy Crocheting!

Cast On: Storytime Scholar Sweater

My son is a tiny little inferno. It’s been legit below zero in Kansas a few time this winter and I’ve had to literally fight to get a coat on my 2.5 year old. A kind older couple (strangers to us) at the next table very nicely assisted in scamming my son into his coat after we enjoyed a nice dinner out. I mouthed a silent thank you to what I assume was a very accomplished Grandma. Or at least she should be one…she was great!

Having written this…I’m not sure why I’m even knitting what I’m about to show you…

This is the Storytime Scholar by Lisa Chemery. It’s a paid for pattern that I spotted one night on a Ravelry binge. It’s bulky and gorgeous and just all the things. I checked the “In My Stash” feature on Ravelry and noticed I had enough Knit Picks Biggo to make this in a suitable neutral outerwear color. And I have the needles…so off I went! Being that this bulky I cruised through the raglan increases in one night. I’m now in the body and in skein two of yarn. It’s 50/50 superwash merino and nylon so it should wear just fine. Not that my little Jellybean will stop growing long enough to wear it out anyway. My 2.5 year old is already in 3-4T toddler clothing. So I’m hedging my bets and making the largest pattern size of 4T.

Fingers crossed he will wear it long enough for me to take at least some decent photos of it. And that it’s cold enough that I can get a few outings of this yet this winter.

Happy Knitting!

Cast On: Toe Up Socks With A Difference

In addition to my ongoing PigskinParty KAL I have heard in the podcast-verse that a couple new KALs are popping up in January. The first is the Self Indulgent KAL with the Yarniacs and then the New Year New Ewe KAL with the Actually Knitting podcast. I figured I would cast on something special that would hit all three. My solution? The Toe-Up Socks with a Difference by Wendy D Johnson. They are a Pigskin Party sponsor, they are a new to me technique of the gusset on the bottom heel for the New Year New Ewe KAL, and the yarn is a golden skein I have been hoarding in my stash for the Self Indulgent KAL. Best of all…..these will be all mine!

I was off to a great start during nap time the other day. Until I noticed a problem….ladders on my toe increases. The designer recommends using a knit front and back increase which I failed spectacularly at. See….

So I turned that attempt into this….

I went with my old standby of the lifted left and right increases. Much better…

Now I’ve switched to my nine inch circs and I’m plowing up the foot!

Happy Knitting!!

Cast On: Happy Valley Vanilla Socks

I have a FO later this week to share but in the meantime I want to show you my Christmas Day cast on project!

I pulled the Hawthorne Sport in the Happy Valley color from my stash as we dashed out the door for our Christmas travels. I knew I had the right needles in my bag to start another pair of sport weight socks. So while Jellybean was taking a post-Santa coma nap (p.s. Christmas with a little person is SOOOO much fun!) I got my needles clicking on a vanilla toe up sock!

This is now my purse knitting de jour! I’m kind of in love with the speed and beauty of sport weight socks…

Happy Knitting!

Cast On: Gradient Mitts

The Down Cellar Studio Pigskin Party is hosting a special December interception and giveaway. It’s all about the minis! So while waiting for my swap packages to arrive I pulled the One Twisted Tree mini skein set in the Beachy color  from my stash!

And after some pattern diving in Ravelry I fixated on the Gradient Mitts by Christa McCurdy. And boy are these addicting!

I finished the first one (sans thumb) and started the second one. The yarn is held double to achieve the gradient effect. Between the two strands of yarn and the fact I chose to stay on size three needles, this fabric is dense and warm. I love it!

The mini set was short one color and my husband suggested black. Not a color I would normally use in this case. But I kinda dig the stark contrast from beginning to end. Points for the hubby!

Now on to the second one! Happy Knitting!!

Cast On: Rainy Avenue

I recently stumbled across some caked up goodies in my stash, Cascade Yarns Sunseeker in a sparkle grey color. I bought this many moons ago and tried to start a very complicated shawl. I got frustrated and frogged it.

But now that my skills have grown a bit this yummy yarn deserves to be knit. I chose Rainy Avenue by Jeannie Kubricht. The pattern calls for a variegated contrast color but I think I’ll be a little more vanilla and just use one color throughout.

I pulled a project bag together and started the garter tab cast on. I have a few other WIPS I’d like to finish up before starting this. But it’s nice to know this project is ready and waiting for me when I’m ready to start working!

Happy Knitting!