WIP Wednesday: Jellybean’s Purple Blanket

I have been indulging in another nesting project. Jellybean’s love of purple has not abated and his blanket has been giving me stares of shame from the WIP bucket. I had started off like gang busters on this thing back during the Pigskin Party football KAL. I finished one skein in record time and then promptly let pregnancy and other projects steamroll this right to the bottom of my list. Now I have this crazy arbitrary idea that this needs to be done before PB gets here because Jellybean NEEDS a super hot blanket at the end of May in 90+ degree Kansas weather.

In the photo above, I have completed (almost) three full skeins out of four now. I have the fourth skein split in half. My plan is to use the first half to grow the blanket and then the second half to put a simple single crochet border around the edge to hide the few places where I lost and had to add back an edge stitch here and there.

Fingers crossed I can maintain momentum on this. My bump is growing daily and it makes it hard to craft, knitting or crochet, in a comfortable fashion long enough to make any progress.



One Skein Down

Jellybean’s Purple Blanket is one skein in!

The jumbo locking stitch markers are a HUGE help to this novice crocheter. I have thus far (knock on wood) been able to maintain 10 stitches in between the markers. I have had to fudge once or twice but no one can tell and the blanket is still square! I do struggle with consistent tension. But that will come with time and practice. I don’t find crochet as therapeutic as knitting so I don’t know that I will devote a ton of time to crochet versus knitting. But it’s nice to have that tool in the toolkit.

I leave this project in the living room where Jellybean and I both can see it. He reminds me every once in a while that his blanket isn’t done yet. So it’s good motivation to add a few stitches every night. Now I only have 2-3 more massive chenille skeins to go….

Happy Knitting….er, I mean crocheting!

FO Friday: Dad’s Lap Blanket

Well the blanket for Dad is done. And all I can say is….meh…

  I definitely screwed up somewhere. I crocheted on this almost exclusively at night after Jellybean went to sleep. Sometimes in the dark. And boy did I pay for that. The cast on side of the blanket has at least 12-14 more stitches than the bind off side. My fingers just can read/feel crochet the same as knitting. And I know I missed some stitch placement. Le sigh….
 It’s still beautiful and my Dad will never care. (P.S. he will definitely be able to tell because when you fold it its patently obvious its not square.) For now this is “done” and gone into hiding/hibernation. I did consider un-picking the cast on edge and ripping back to where I realized I was getting smaller and crochet back the other direction. Being as this is crochet I think it would work. But I’ve already wove in ends so I could have a couple tricky places given that. For now…I’m just done with this and it needs to think about what it did!

WIP Wednesday: Dad’s Lap Blanket

Just a quick fly by post. After a stressful day yesterday culminating in getting my rear end kicked in volleyball….I needed to cast something on!

I pulled out more Bernat Blanket from my stash and cast on Dad’s Lap Blanket. I’m aiming for a wider blanket than the one for Mom. I chained 80 stitches and I am having Mom measure hers to make sure this one is bigger. Because this crafter didn’t take copious notes 😊!

Happy crafting!

Babies Babies Babies

I have a several babies making their appearance this year in my circle of friends. And I’ve developed a reputation for gifting hand knits. Not that I don’t love knitting for wee ones but my limited craft time makes it hard to want to work on obligation knitting. But my newfound crochet skills have given me an easy out!

I have worked another crochet baby blanket in half double crochets in Bernat Baby Blanket in the color little roses. I used two skeins this time for a bigger blanket. I’m quite pleased and it’s getting easier to handle the hook. I think the variagated yarn really lends itself to hiding my another status as well! Not to mention I knocked this out in two evenings. 

You can find my Rav notes here for yarn and project details.

Happy Knitting!

Never Will I Ever…

I never thought I would ever have the urge to crochet….and then this happened…

I have several LARGE skeins of Bernat baby blanket and my mom has been dropping hints hard core that she wants a lap blanket out of this. I tried to knit with this chenille yarn several times and HATED IT. The yarn is very grippy and sticks to itself. (My last project was here)

A couple fiber friends reccomended crochet. I experimented with double crochets and half double crochets. I settled on the half double crochet and an ergonomic size N hook. Mostly because my fingers found it comfortable and I could remember it. I chained a butt load of stitches then took off.

This will be a baby/receiving size blanket. I’m still working on hook placement, reading the stitches, and evening out my tension. This yarn is definitely easier to work with in crochet than in knitting. This peice is definitely a practice object. I don’t plan on giving it away as it’s terribly uneven. But I want to get better so I can do a nice blanket for my mom some day!

Happy Knitting…er, I mean Crochet!

FO Friday: Stashbustin’ #23

Stashbustin’ #23 is complete!!



This yarn can be challenging but this time I was up for it!! This one skein wonder is just a simple stockinette blanket with a four stitch seed stitch border. Finished size turned out to be 27 inch by 27 inch square. I used 10 1/2 US needles for a nice tight gauge. For more details on the yarn and stitch instructions see my Ravelry project page.



This blanket is oh so soft and yummy to the touch.



So soft to the touch in fact that when my Mother found this blanket in my WIP basket last weekend she announced that she would LOVE a full sized afghan for her Christmas. She then proceeded to fondle the yarn and the blanket at every opportunity for the entire weekend. Do you know how long and frustrating such a project would be to this knitter? Insert forehead slap here…

I am sensing that I am not done working with this yarn. Has any knitter out there every worked with a pattern or project that vexed them just because a loved one of said knitter requested it?

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Baby Blanket


Stashbustin #23 is coming along!

This blanket has been traveling back and forth to rehearsal every night. I have only managed a few rows every night between scenes but little by little it’s adding up! Concurring this chenille yarn feels a bit of a personal victory. This blanket doesn’t have an recipient yet as it’s destined for my “emergency baby shower” basket. It may not be fancy but this mindless project is all I can manage with so much of my energy going to my current acting adventure.

One downside….because I gave Chloe the first chenille blanket I made, she thinks all chenille blankets are hers…


The Art of Mindless and Easy

Happy Fourth of July to all!! I can hear the fireworks right outside my window as the neighborhood kids blow up weeks worth of their allowances. It all brings back memories to setting off fireworks for hours at my Grandma’s and Grandpa’s ALL day long. Of course we also took a break to have a weenie roast and smores on what was almost the hottest day of the year, lol.

On the knitting front, I can’t wait to start Neon. I already have the new needles I needed and working on my swatch! But it’s a very complicated project for me and I have decided to hibernate the project for while. My theater rehearsals are just taking too much out of me. I Just don’t have the brain power to work on this wonderful pattern by Joji. I really want to enjoy this sweater and also end up with a garment that fits and is knit correctly. So it’s going to the back burner….for now…

Insert mindless and easy….


Just a simple stockinette baby blanket with a seed stitch border, in lovely peach chenille. You will remember my chenille antics here, lol. So I am going into this with eyes wide open and all my lessons remembered from last time. I just needed a home run project to work on while I am rehearsing my show. So I decided to cast on a cute blanket this morning because I have the day off from my big kid job. There is an art to working a mindless and easy project!


The puppies agree with me. They are very exhausted with my crazy schedule and needed an extra nap. I can never figure out why my lab, Dex, like to sleep with nose under the edges of couches or beds. Such a weirdo!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th! We are off to enjoy our day off and America’s independence!!

A Bed For Chloe



Hello from the boondocks of Kansas! I got to have my morning coffee from the deck of my parents house and watch all five dogs run around my parents yard chasing each other. I hope they wore each other out, lol!

Now on to some knitting news. Remember this Stashbusting #19 blanket? And all the problems I had with it here and here? And then the solution I talked about here?



Well I got brave and I measured (twice to be sure) and then got out the scissors and snipped it apart in the center. I wanted to rip back a few rows on either side and re-knit a new border on each side. Thus creating two new appropriately sized blankets out of one large wonky one. Well I soon discovered that it was going to be impossible to pick up and re-knit the edges. The yarn was falling apart and I cold not discern the individual stitches in the midst of the chenille. Not to mention that the way I snipped was not the same direction as the way I needed to work. So on to another back up plan!

I grabbed some bulky weight yarn in really close color match and secured the loose stitches I had created with my cutting. I paired the two squares wrong side to wrong side and seamed around the outside with a whip stitch using the matching yarn. And you can see my results below. A double thick blanket/pad thingy.



Chloe claimed it almost immediately. So I took this as a sign as this blanket was always meant for her, lol. Goes well with her coat don’t you think?



And then she proceeded to rub her scent all over it as to say “this is mine and you can’t have it back”!



It now lives in her kennel and she (and I) couldn’t be happier that this project is over. Good riddance I say! Well I need to get my butt in gear and get the dogs walked, shop for groceries, and get ready to cook dinner for my grandma and cousins!

Happy Saturday from the boonies!