Mitre Progress

Germs are once again invading our home. This time it’s a stomach bug, blargh. I guess this is what you get once you have a child that touches/licks/eats everything in sight. We are on the mend but during the worst of it I managed some knitting while holding a sick little Jellybean.

I was unhappy with my first attempt at the mitered square for my Cousins Mitered Square blanket. My travails are logged here. I went down to size US 5 needles and got to work. I also used a firm cast one (long tail cast on) to start the first square. I am much happier the fabric is firmer and squishy. I also knit the first stitch when I remembered. There are few stitches I slipped due to muscle memory and good TV. But those I can hide with the next square. I also did some YouTube research on picking up the bumps. Not to shabby if I do say so myself!

 Now I’ve only like 16 more squares to go….

Happy Knitting!


Just A Swatch

A few days ago I pulled out the yarn for my Cousins Mitred Square Blanket and made some decisions.

  • I’m going to do solid squares because it’s easier not to change yarn and I will like the look better
  • I picked a tentative color layout: one row pink then light blue and one row yellow then brown
  • The edge will be done in the bright blue/teal

I even started the first square. 

I pretty much hate it. It took two hours and 24 grams of yarn. So at the very least I know how long each piece will take. But the cast on was too loose and stretchy. The fabric is too loose as well. Not to mention I can’t tell if I should slip the first stitch or knit it in order to make the best surface to attach the next square. Wise blogger/podcast knitters always say to not slip stitches on seam edges but the knit edges of garter stitches just look terribly cuddly to pick up! I’m terribly conflicted. I knit these on 7US and I’m going to try 6US by frogging and re-knitting this square. 

This was just a swatch right?

2014 Stashbustin’ #14: Hexi-ghan

I think I have found my next project and it’s perfect for my current knitting mood! I give you Hexi-ghan by verybusymonkey!


(Photo credit to @verybusymonkey and Hexi-ghan Rav page)

This afghan beauty is knit one hexagon at a time. After the first one you pick up some of the stitches from your finished hexagon to start the next one. So no seaming!!! This is the perfect project for my mood right now. Instant gratification when you complete a hexagon but it builds to a larger project.

I am planning to use up my stash of Bernat Cottontots cotton. Which is sadly discontinued now! (If anyone has any Cottontots hanging out in their stash they want to bargain/trade/donate PLEASE let me know. I seriously love this stuff!!)

I haven’t decided if I want to do colors by rows or just knit the colors randomly as I go. Do I want a patterned design or free form art….what would you do?

Stashbustin’ #11: Henry’s Sweater

After yesterday’s disappointment I had the itch to try a different baby sweater. And having recently pruned and tagged my Rav queue, I did some easy and organized searching to find….Henry’s Sweater

P1050813_medium2(Photo credit to © jennicole01 and the Henry’s Sweater Rav pg)

This is similar to the Sophisticate with the stockinette and shawl collar. But it has more overlap on the chest and those adorable 4 buttons laid out in a square. I couldn’t wait to get started!


Yarn: Bernat Cottontots in Country Taupe (I think this yarn has been discontinued and it’s a shame because it’s a very soft cotton and easy to work with!)

Needles: US 8s (Knits Picks Options Interchangeable)

Size: 3-6 months

Mods: None yet but I love the pattern so far!

Happy Knitting!