Family Memories

Not long ago we made the trek to my parents house to take a family photo. It was something my sister and I arranged for our parents anniversary this past summer. We just had to wait until after jellybean was born, lol.

It was pretty cool in Kansas that day so jellybean had to be wrapped up in a blanket in most all the photos. But they are gorgeous nonetheless!




The photographer is a long time family friend and very talented. Feel free to check out her website!! She is located in North Central KS for any readers in the area.

Now the conundrum is which photos to pick!


Finally…Cuff To Cuff

Now that the pressure of Jellybean’s blanket is off and I’ve started the nursery bunting, I’ve finally let myself start my fall sweater!

The yarn has been wound, pattern read/notated, and the whole shebang organized into a project bag for a couple of weeks. I can’t tell you how excited I am to get my fingers into this yarn!! It’s some Berroco Vintage in a luscious teal I picked up at a yarn shop going out of business awhile back.


This color just makes me happy! What makes you happiest about your current WIP?

Finally FO Friday: Fingerless Mitts (take two)

This Friday really is a FO Friday! I completed Stashbustin’ #40 or my second pair of finger less mitts.



I used the wonderfully simple pattern Simple Fingerless Mitts by Tink’s Knits. A perfect pattern match to my current dpn skill level. I used about half a skein of Berroco Vintage DK (135.4 yards or 47 grams for those of you who like hard numbers)



While I dearly love the color and ease of construction. I don’t like the stockinette section at the wrist. It bunches an doesn’t flex and stay fit to my wrists like my first pair. But that is by no means a dig at the author or pattern, more just a personal preference. And the mod to tailor this to me is SUPER easy to work in to the pattern. Going forward all my gloves will be ribbed right up to the bottom of the thumb gusset.



This pair is definitely one for my gift pile. I think I have a recipient in mind for them already….

As for my next pair, I think I am going to gather up my Berroco scraps from both these two pair gloves (I still have 20 yards of orange left) and my Brick sweater and attempt a mixed color combination. If my idea works I’ll have another pair for the gift pile!

I have to switch gears, like right now….I have a craft fair to set up tonight! My momma is going to do it with me and we have lots of goodies to sell tomorrow!!!

Happy Friday and Happy Knitting to All!!!


After this past weekend’s funk…I needed some inspiration or maybe just a good pick me up.

Fall has been relatively good to us in Kansas this year (knock on wood). And this has let me get lots of walks in with my four legged children, including last night (2.5 miles…woot!). We walk all over the neighborhood, but I find myself drawn to one street in particular. Here’s why…


This tree is so vibrant and beautiful that photos literally do not do it justice!


I so badly want to knit a sweater in this color or maybe just roll around on yarn this shade, either way lol!!


I’m in love….

What inspires you during fall?

Distraction and Disc Golf

I played a round of disc golf with the husband over last weekend. The hubs is pretty serious about it and I’m terrible. Not to mention the course we played could have doubled for a horror movie set with the abundance of creepy wooded areas.

I kept getting distracted by the foliage and canopies of trees against the brilliant blue sky! The hubs got annoyed. It was a gorgeous October day so we stopped keeping score and just enjoyed the day together.

Here are a few of my favorite snaps from the afternoon…





To Craft Fair or Not To Craft Fair?

I got my first craft fair registration email of the season…..

To craft fair or not to craft fair?

I really enjoy craft fairs and I can normally make enough moo-la to fund my yarn habit for a few special projects and offset my booth costs. The people are really cool and I always have some great conversations with fellow crafters. The downside is that I have to crank out massive amounts of the same patterns and projects over and over again. This means less time for my de-stashing efforts and the selfish projects I have lined up. I mean knitting is knitting and it’s all fun in the long run.

What’s a knitter to do?

I have semi-good size stash of ruffle scarves and washcloths left from last season. Maybe I could throw in some lacy scarves, headbands, bulky hats, and maybe a few cute baby blankets?

What kinds of wares do you look for at a craft fairs? What do you guys think?

Sunday At Full Tilt

I would like to say I LOVE MY HUSBAND! He has been outside ALL afternoon picking up leaves. And I really mean all afternoon!


This has left me free in the house to do some dishes, some laundry, throw together a leftover surprise casserole for dinner, wind some yarn into cakes, and plan some drills for volleyball practice.



And I still haven’t played with any of my birthday yarn yet either!


Sundays are exhausting!! I hope all is well in your neck of the world 🙂

WIP Wednesday: crock pot honey chicken

One of my favorite foods to eat is Chinese take out. My husband and I lived off of Chinese take out on the weekends in college. Honey chicken has always been a personal fav for me. And thanks to Pinterest I stumbled across a recipe for honey chicken in the crock pot! My favorite dish made in my favorite cooking device….yes please!!

I love love love my crock pot. It cooks our dinner while we are at work. It makes the house smell heavenly. And most of the time it’s pretty healthy eating.

Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken is absolutely delish!


While this recipe is currently in my crock pot, I actually made this for the first time Sunday. I made a few small adjustments to the recipe for my household needs:
1) omitted the red pepper flakes and added paprika. The husband can’t tolerate cayenne or red pepper flake.
2) omitted the sesame seeds just because I didn’t have any on hand.
3) I stirred the pot several times just because I was worried about the honey burning to the sides.
4) the prescribed amount of cornstarch and water didn’t get it thick enough for me and I ran out of cornstarch…. So I made a quick roux (flour cooked into melted butter) It turned my sauce a little cloudy but at least it got to a sauce like consistency.


Even with my changes this dish was heavenly over some steamed brown rice. It was very very sweet. I might hit the finished sauce with some sort of acidity like citrus this time to cut the sweetness a bit since I do not put the heat in it (omitting the pepper flake) as the recipe calls for. But this is definitely a recipe that will make a regular appearance in my kitchen!



I was a major grumpapatimas yesterday…(learned that term from Archie, Jo’s son in The Beach Street Knitting and Yarn Society)

The weather was gloomy and turned quite cold all of a sudden. My reports at work weren’t balancing and I had a stiff neck from hunching over them. My schedule has been brutal lately and I’m just overwhelmed and exhausted.

I decided i was tired of being grumpy, so I decided to do something about it! First, I called my Grandma Genevieve as soon as I got home from work. She is an amazing woman and such a big part of my life that a thousand blog posts couldn’t even begin to cover my feelings about her! She listens to my troubles, applauds my accomplishments, and loves me for who I am.

(This was 10 years ago when I graduated and she is still just as gorgeous!)

After 45 minutes on the phone with her I could start to feel the grump fall off. Next, I wrapped myself in something hand knit! I splurged on some expensive alpaca yarn last year and knit myself a Honey Cowl by Madelintosh. Nothing soothes the soul like luxurious soft hand knits on a cold gloomy day. I mean that’s why we all knit right? This pattern was easy yet interesting and really fun to make.

After wrapping up to ward off the chill, I packed up the pooches and headed off to the park for some frisbee with my beloved!


After a few good chucks of the disc both the hubby and I felt a lot better! And we wore out our energizer bunny of a lab.

I guess the morale of my story is that no bad day can withstand the power of family, good knitting, and puppy love. Seriously, how can you be grumpy around this face?


TGIF and Happy Knitting!

P.S. FO alert
I finished the boot cuffs for my boots and started the scarf today. Here’s a sneak peek!


WIP Wednesday

Yes, yes I know it’s Thursday. I can’t for the life of me figure out where yesterday went!

Anyway, back to the knitting! I picked up a super adorable baby doll dress at a local thrift store last week. It’s a simple white scoop neck bodice with black baby doll skirt. I just had to have it to wear with my black boots the hubby got for me last year on my birthday! It was a steal at $7!

It just needs a little pizzaz! So after perusing Ravelry for some boot toppers/boot cuffs, I decided to use Ravelry as my inspiration and improvise my own! Mostly because I wanted to make them out of some Deborah Norville Serenity Chunky I had in my stash in a lovely shade of deep red.

So I pulled out my US size 11 circs (size recommended for this yarn) and cast on 44 sts using long tail cast on method and placed a marker. I prefer to knit in the round rather than with dpns because I am not careful enough to travel with work on dpns and not mess it up hopelessly!

I knit the first round then transitioned to K1, P1 ribbing so that the cuff with expand and contact with the contours if my leg and boot.


I plan to work the cuff for 7-8 inches in rib and cast off with a stretchy cast off. Of course then I will move on to the second cuff and I should have enough yarn for a skinny ribbed scarf to accent my black and white dress.

Follow my project on Ravelry!

I like to use affordable, easy to find acrylic when I am inventing a pattern for a few reasons:
A) It’s cheap
B) Its easy to find in stores and with matching dye lots
C) It stands up well to frogging if I don’t like the pattern
D) It’s almost always washable

If I like pattern and the FO, then I will fork over the dough and get quality natural fibers to make the next set. I can conserve my funds and manage my stash at the same time!

I hope to have this finished this weekend and have the hubby help me take photos!

Happy Knitting!