Going Bold….With A Tube Sock

I’ve been quietly knitting away on my sister’s Christmas socks. I have a soft spot in my heart for Knit Picks Felici. And I decided to go bold….a true afterthought heel!

There she is, a true tube sock at this point. No waste yarn for heel placement. I still don’t have the trace of my sisters foot and the knitting was going so fast I didn’t want to stop. This sock is done and ready for heel placement. Once I get the measurement it should be alright given that I have good light, sharp needles and no toddler distraction…

At any rate I started the second sock!

What is it about self-striping that makes this kind of sock project so potato chipy???

Happy Knitting!!


Cast On: Nicole’s Christmas Socks

My sister and I didn’t always get along, especially as teenagers. But now that we are both…ahem…over 3o, we’ve settled into more of a comfortable place. She is most definitely knit worthy as she lives in upper elevation Colorado climate. I have given her many of my sweaters that I knit Pre-Jellybean that no longer fit. But one thing I haven’t knit for her specifically are socks…

I decided to rectify that. I had my dad get a trace of her foot on his last visit. And I pulled some Knit Picks Felici from my stash. I lost the ball band but I believe this is the splash colorway. I know my gauge and tension in this yarn so I could start straight away.

This is a 68 stitch sock on size 0US needles. I’m going to make a toe up sock with afterthought heel. I don’t have her foot outline yet so I may have to knit a tube and do a true afterthought heel without waste yarn if I get that far before I reach the heel section.

Wish me luck! Happy Knitting!!

Cast On: Manic Panic Cowl

Hello November!!

I saw on the Ravelry boards for the Down Cellar Studio Pigskin Party KAL that the November interception involved self striping yarn…..but not socks! Well I went digging in my stash for some of those lingering single skeins of self striping sock yarn. What better way to stash bust and earn extra KAL points. After careful consideration I pulled a skein of Knit Picks Felici in the Sweetheart color. A really nice mix of pinks that I chose because it made me happy.

I perused my Rav favorites and rediscovered the Manic Panic Coke by Sarah Core. It’s a simple cowl worked with slipped stitches that should help my stripe repeats really shine. I opted to work the small size that called for 333 stitches. And I ended up using size 7 needle because that’s what I had in wood needles at the correct length. I managed to cast on after bedtime with Jellybean and get a few rows in.

Boy is that a lot of stitches. It’s very bunched up but I made sure not to twist. I made one small mod already. I cast on as called for in the patten but after that I worked two rows of garter stitch before starting the slipped stitch patterning. I really just felt like defining the edge before establishing the pattern. Plus it helped me make sure my cast On was neat and not twisted. 

To count for extra points in the KAL I need to finish this by November 30. So this may replace my purse project of vanilla socks so I can get some good knitting time into this!

Happy Knitting!!

FO Friday: Rainbow Brite Vanilla Socks

Tah Dah….my tonsil recovery knitting project is done!

They are just so bright and happy! And they match *almost* perfectly. I used Knit Picks Felici in Rainbow on size 0 US needles. The pattern is just a 72 stitch vanilla toe up sock. I put in an afterthought heel in a contrasting color.

I thought the grey suited nicely. I used about 340 yards of rainbow and 20 some yards of the grey. And it was awesome pick up/set down stockinette knitting when I didn’t feel great.

I turned these in for points in both the Down Cellar Studio’s Pigskin Party KAL and the Carolina Fiber Girls’ Socktober KAL. I feel very accomplished given how crappy I felt!

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Rainbow Brite Socks

While I was doing my post-op recovery after my tonsils I focused on my Rainbow Brite Socks both because it’s #socktober and because they were soothing stockinette.

After the first couple of days rhe first sock looked like this…

Then I had a rough day and took a break. Around day +5 I made some progress again.

Sock one was done with the “tube” and I had a good jump on sock two. Then I had a REALLY bad couple of days around days +8/9. And I took another break.

Finally right before I went back to work I managed to start the heels…

They are done now and I’m hoping to get some photos taken for FO Friday this week.

Happy Knitting!

Rainbow Update

I made the long car ride to my parents house to be with my Dad as he won his 200th football game as a coach. The picture below pretty much captions my heart. Three generations of love…

But you guys really care about the yarny goodness! Being at my parents meant more knitting time for this mommy! My Rainbow Bright socks saw some good knitting time.

Feet up, watching football and knitting in my lap! I’m past the ripcord for the afterthought heel and zooming up the leg. I’m debating on using a neutral grey for the heel or to use rainbow stripes for the heels. Any thoughts from other knitterly minds out there?

Rainbows Make Me Happy

I have been keeping a pretty rainbow on my bedside table. The Rainbow Bright vanilla socks have been my zen bedtime knitting.

They only get a few rows here and there but I’ve managed to work through a complete set of stripes. And I’ve paired my rainbow sock bag with my rainbow socks. It makes my matchy matchy heart happy! 

Happy Knitting!

More Minis

I recently found the Sock Yarn Swappers group on ravelry. I had just been a lurker and a stalker but I kept seeing all the swaps and swapless swaps going on and wanted to try one. So back in August I signed up for a Felici swapless swap for the new range of striping color ways that Knit Picks put out this fall.

I got 20 minis of 20 yards to add to my Memory Scrap Blanket. This project is currently hibernating in Area 51. But I know I’ll love adding these self striping beauties to the mix when I pick it up again!

Have you ever done a swap?

FO Friday: Reverse Rib Mitts

Thanks to a very delayed and drawn out legal meeting last week I finished my Reverse Rib Mitts!

Pattern: Reverse Rib Mitts by Holly Terrell

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in Maple Leaves

Needles: US 2

Mods: none

I used about 60% of a 50 gram skein. They are fraternal but that’s not a problem for me. I did misread the pattern and the ribbing at the fingers is 2×2 instead of 3×1. But I made both gloves match so no one will notice but me. I really tried to love these but I don’t. I loved knitting them but not the FO. (#knitterproblems) I think these will hit the gift pile for Christmas. My sister is going to be one lucky lady this year!

Happy Knitting!!

Wanted: Warm Hands

It’s finally starting to get cool here in the Midwest. And I have pulled out all our coats and woolies. I’m sadly lacking in the glove department. What’s a knitter to do but knit of course!

I trolled my queue and found the Reverse Rib Mitts by Holly Terrell.

Photo @ Holly Terrell

I pulled some Knit Picks Felici leftovers from my stash in the maple leaves color way and got started. I even used my new Hiya Hiya sharps and project bag!

The beauty of this design is that you work it inside out so no purling! All the beauty of reverse stockinette without slowing me down!! 

  It’s supposed to be in the 30s on Saturday so I better knit faster…

Happy Knitting!