FO Friday: Mere’s Heart Mitts

I finished Mere’s Heart Mitts….

I am pleased with them as a project as a whole. I don’t like that I didn’t get the placement of the heart just perfect on the right mitt. But when you put them on it’s much less noticeable. (p.s. the app on my phone that mashes photos together is a great way to get photos of yourself wearing mitts if you don’t have a photography assistant handy)

These are pair of mitts of my own improvisation. My Ravelry pattern notes can be found here. I only used 1/3 of the skein so I have plenty to make a second set. But honestly….I don’t want to. This yarn is perfect for Mere. She is fun and spunky and just about the most beautiful person on the planet. I know she will love these. They are her…..just not me. If I knit them I honestly wouldn’t wear them. The highly variegated nature just doesn’t show the heart as well as I would like. And the colors don’t really match anything in my wardrobe.

I did some noodling on this because I still wanted to have something to “match” her so we could be hand knit buddies from across the country. I think I will make a pair of shorty socks with the remainder of the skein. I will work the heart chart into maybe the toe or possibly on top of the foot. I can wear any color inside my boots and then I will just feel the love on my toes instead of my fingers!

Now if you will excuse me, I need to get these babies wrapped up and ready to gift to Mere! Happy Knitting!!

So Many Choices!

I recently purchased this amazing pattern on Ravelry, Mackinac Mitts.



(Photo credit to earthchick on the Mackinac Mitts ravelry page)

I have several women in my life who adore butterflies, including my SIL. This pattern calls for worsted weight yarn and look to be an easy and fun knit. I just can’t decide what yarn to use….so I’m asking the wisdom of the blogging world.

Option A – Berroco Vintage in blue



Option B – Berroco Vintage in a tweedy green

image_medium2 (1)


What’s a knitter to do?

FO Friday: Warm Hands

I managed to overcome “SSS” or “second sock syndrome” and I have completed my fingerless gloves for fall!


These Simple Fingerless Mitts were very easy to make, despite being on DPNs. I had a single skein of Berroco Vintage DK in orange with a few slight tweed flecks. I knit on size US 6 needles because I didn’t have any 5s. Gloves still turned out and fit pretty well. They might have been too small on the smaller needles.





I probably only have 8-10 knitting hours in these gloves. I like to take my time and make sure to keep my dpns from getting all boogered up. I used 46 grams or 132.5 yards of yarn.  And I did make one significant mod:

  • knit 20 rows total of ribbing at the cuff

I wanted to make sure the gloves were long enough to tuck inside the sleeves of my coat. And I was very happy with this mod.  And the best part is that I only used half a skein, so I can knit a whole second pair for a Christmas gift.





Now I’m off to refill my cup. I wish everyone a very happy Friday! And as always, Happy Knitting!!!

Gloves For Fall

Due to Columbus Day here in the US, the hubs and I had a three day weekend. Which we turned into a four day weekend with the creatives use of leave time from work. It was a glorious break. I got to snuggle a tiny human, get in 18 holes of disc golf with the hubby (I’ll post pics tomorrow), see my dad’s football team play, eat waaaay too much, and chill out with the family.

I didn’t want to pack around my Brick or Nutmeg sweater, so I grabbed a single skein I had hanging out in my stash, a set of dpns, and a easy fingerless glove pattern.


This some Berroco Vintage DK in a orange-y color way. I think I picked this up a fee years ago in a birthday splurge. I have been wanting to venture more into dpns and small projects.

So I cast on Simple Fingerless Mitts from Tink’s Knits. It is very fiddly for me to get a project started on dpns, but after a few rows I can usually cruise. I managed to finish the first glove and half of the second one over the extended weekend.



Here’s hoping I can finish before the first fall frost!