Mitred Mood

My knitting brain is on the fritz lately. Jellybean seems to think sleeping is optional. So the only grey matter I can spare has found it’s way to my scrap blanket.

Since last I showed you I’ve added a full column on the right and I’m now working a new row across the bottom. I may have hit some Etsy sales on mini skeins in order to grow “the precious”. I’m also double dipping into some previous used colors to keep building.

It’s officially lap sized but I’m nowhere near done. I love this too much!

Happy Knitting!!


Another Square Bites the Dust

My Memory Blanket has been quietly hibernating for over a month. I needed just one more square to finish a row. I thought my Antimuon yarn would be a perfect fit…

My knitting mojo has me torn between a lot of projects so I think I may pack this one back into hibernation for a bit. But maybe after just one more pet 😊

Happy Knitting!

WIP Wednesday: Terribly Simple 

My Terribly Simple is growing slowly but surely!

Just rows and rows of soothing garter stitch! And the best part is that it’s a one row repeat so no memorization. All I have to do is count garter ridges in order to keep my sections the same and make sure I start the contrast color on the right side row. 

I’m kind of excited to have coordinating shawls!

FO Friday: Nangou

Done done done! May I present Nangou!

Pattern: Nangou by Melanie Berg

Needles: US 5s

Yarn: Hansen Hand Dyes Mega Merino in Boys Don’t Cry for main color. And T&H Fiberworks Favorite Sock in Blue Suede Shoes for contrast color.

Mods: none

This is just so squishy and nice! The pattern is fab and easy to follow. Melanie Berg is just amazing. The main color was a little splitty but not unwieldy. I’m very glad I didn’t add extra sections cuz this thing is massive!

I’m over the moon with this and can’t wait to wear it next fall! Proof…..I took outdoor photos in the 95 degree heat!

Happy Knitting!

Nangou Needs Blocking

The knitting of my Nangou is done!!

Here she is in all her unblocked glory! After a good spa day I’ll tuck in the ends just in time to take better photos and put this away for summer. 

The bind off took an entire evening! But I’m just so pleased with this. I love the colors and the squishy garter stitch. I can’t wait to see it blocked and finished!

Happy Knitting!!

Blanket Mojo

I’ve conquered another color on my mighty rainbow blanket!

This new green color is called Macaw and it’s just so rich and bright! I usually hate blankets but I’m finding this one very meditative. When I finish this stripe I will be halfway done. I also keep looking in my project bag and peaking at the upcoming colors in delight. Still to come are rich blues and vibrant purples, be still my heart!

Happy Knitting!!

FO Friday: Baby Knits!!

I finally wrangled Jellybean (thankfully in a happy mood) and took some FO photos for some of my finished baby knits!

First up, my Rolled Cuff Baby Booties! These used a minuscule 43 yards of yarn, weight a measly 22 grams, and took just a couple of hours. They fit perfectly on his one to two month old feet. They are tad bit small on this three month old feet./home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/f00/39837473/files/2014/12/img_1995.jpg

Next up the Candy Corn baby booties and hat! To be honest these booties are just weirdly shaped and never really fit his feet well. The hat though….just perfect. It’s just more adorable than I can imagine. We get tons of compliments when we wear this hat out and about. My Ravelry details are here./home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/f00/39837473/files/2014/12/img_1999.jpg



Lastly is the Garter Ear Flap Hat by Purl Soho. This one had some issues and all totally my fault. I had size problems with the first one I knit. The second attempt honestly languished on the needles. I just lost the mojo to work on this one. So I stuffed this hat into my purse over Christmas and got it done! Sad news….Jellybean has almost outgrown this size now, lol. My original one actually fits better now. Not to mention I messed up one of the pattern rounds on this second attempt. Oh well….it’s cute and will keep him warm at least once or twice. My Ravelry notes on this one are here for those interested./home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/f00/39837473/files/2014/12/img_2009.jpg

Yes….he’s figured out how to stick out his baby tongue. And enjoys doing so profusely!


Happy Knitting to all of you from Jellybean and I!


WIP Wednesday: Garter Ear Flap Hat

It’s turning cold here in Kansas and Jellybean has outgrown all his store bought stocking caps. (Even the 6 month sizes….) So being the knitting momma I am I cast on for a hat posthaste!

Pattern: Garter Ear Flap Hat by Purl Soho

I made the toddler size to make sure it was going to fit. But I didn’t pay very good attention to the instructions and neglected to go down a needle size after I finished the brim portion. The result is a lovely hat that won’t fit Jellybean until the middle of the blazing Kansas summer…shown below…IMG_1053.JPGSo I have regrouped and cast on again, this time with a number of total stitches between the infant and toddler sizes AND the correct needles! This first hat really is just a big gauge swatch right? I totally meant to do that…

For those that are curious the yarn is some Berroco Lustra that I picked up eons ago during a trip to my first actual yarn/knitting shop. I’ve been saving it in my stash and surely Jellybean deserves only the best from my stash right?

This pattern like so many from Purl Soho is very easy and delightful. It shouldn’t take me long at all to whip out this next hat. I’ll pause for your laughter considering Jellybean is now two months old and ruling the roost and most of my free time…

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Sprout Cardigan

Ladies and gentlemen….we have a winner! 20140720-072515-26715709.jpg 20140720-072514-26714640.jpgI had to add almost 5 inches of garter stitch to the bottom of this sweater. But you know what? It looks pretty darn good! This is now a very comfy and gorgeous sweater.

Pattern: Sprout Cardigan

Yarn: Berroco Comfort Chunky in Pumpkin

Size: Medium (I should have made the large)

Needles: US 9

Even with all my struggles with this sweater, I still love it. This is definitely a keeper in my wardrobe. Not to mention on of the few sweaters that fit around the growing baby bump. I think all of my initial problems would have been solved by simply making the large sweater. The large version better fits my torso length even those my bust measurement matches up with the medium. Please don’t let my struggles deter anyone from this pattern. It is a pretty nifty garment!!

Happy Friday and Happy Knitting!

WIP Wednesday: Sprout Cardigan


I have had the urge lately to use some of the “special” and/or “new” yarn in my stash. My pull towards projects of late has been more fiber based than pattern based.

Case in point: awhile back I purchased a sweaters worth of Berroco Comfy Chunky in a pumpkin color. It’s a bulky acrylic blend with a VERY soft feel. My pregnancy brain has not lent itself to very complicated patterns so I perused my Rav queue and found this lovery: Sprout Cardigan by Classic Elite Yarns!20140531-215429-78869617.jpg


(photo credit to @Classic Elite Yarns)

I printed the pattern and pulled out the yarn. I opted for a long tail cast on and slipped stitch edges for a smooth look. Not to mention both will help with seaming later.20140531-215437-78877645.jpg

I’m using my US 9 Knit Picks Nickel inter-changeables. This yarn can be a bit “splitty” if you untwist it as it made up of multiple single plies. The sharp points to my needles help quite a bit. I’m working on the first piece and this garter stitch is great for TV knitting and car knitting!

I’m super excited for this sweater this fall. I’m hoping it will be a figure friendly addition to my wardrobe as my bump is HUGE  in October and then as I transition back to my pre-baby body. I just can’t get over how cute this is belted!

Happy Wednesday!