Cast On: Neon Jungle

My morning sickness has not abated but it has eased some. And while Jellybean is still on a sleep jihad….my knitting mojo has returned some. Right now I need brain soothing easy knitting that is easy to pick up and put down.

I pulled one the last projects I kitted up for the 2017 Pigskin Party and got going on my Neon Jungle Cowl. This yarn has vexed me a bit as this is the third project I have tried it with. It knits up very nicely and the colors are lovely but something has just been not right up to this point.

I think this project might just be it. The pattern is a simple two row repeat and so far the gradient changes are showing off nicely. I’ll reserve final judgement until I get to the orange to yellow change as that will be the most vivid. But so far I am happy. And this rainbow has been a cheery change to the dreary cold winter.

Happy Knitting!!


Cast On: Summer Morning Triangle Shawl

Happy Fourth to all!


I have had this rainbow gradient cooling its heels in my stash since I picked it up this spring at a yarn shop closing. The siren call of this has been strong. It’s 350 yards of DK gradient glory. I just couldn’t find the right pattern of a shawl that would fit my style and show off the gorgeous rainbow. I auditioned several before I realized that the yarn dyer had a free pattern posted with this specific yarn in mind!

So let me introduce you to what will become a Summer Morning Triangle Shawl by Done Roving Yarns. I gathered the project bag, needles, and yarn….all that is left is to cast on!!

Happy Knitting!!

Zoom Went The Shawl

Holy moley…..I have a finished shawl!

Four days later and I have a FO! This is my The Age of Brass and Steam in the gradient Rivulet set from Island Yarns. I literally just couldn’t put this down!

It’s all curly in this photo but it’s actually drying/blocking as we speak! If I can’t talk my hubby into it I may have finished photos tmw…stay tuned….

Cast On: Gradient Age of Brass and Steam

After my recent trip into a yarn hole I came out with the most beautiful DK gradient set! 

I just KNEW this yarn needed to be a Brass and Steam shawl! I wound up my cake with Russian joining the individual colors so it’s all ready to cast on! I need another WIP like I need a hole in my head but yet here I am…

Doesn’t the cake just look so awesome!!

FO Friday: Rainbow Socks

I’m very pleased to present….


A beautiful finished rainbow. I was worried about matching up the cuffs but I think I did well! They fit like a dream. And they are so gorgeous I can’t stop staring at them…


 My Ravelry page is here. But here is a summary of the important details:

Yarn: Over The Rainbow by Jaala Spiro/KnitCircus

Pattern: heavily modified Sand Dune Socks by Trish Halliburton 

Needles: US 1s

I cast on 70 stitches to start. I nipped in a few after the heel to hug my ankle and increased pretty liberally at the cuff for my, ahem, muscular calves.


I thought they turned out very a very good match. And I used every last bit of yarn. I think I had 12-14 inches left? I’m just pleased as punch with my most extravagant yarn purchase ever. All I did was knit and let the yarn sing!

Happy Knitting!

Near The End of The Rainbow

I’ve far too quickly come to the end of my Rainbow.  

I’m already working the ribbed cuff in purple. This yarn from KnitCircus has just been yummy. And the yardage generous enough for some very tall socks.  The colors transition beautifully  and made them addicting. Which is good because I have not had much dedicated knitting time lately, just a few rows here and there. But slow and steady still finishes the race right?

Now my only conundrum is that I didn’t take very good notes on my increases in the rib section on sock #1. Guess I’ll just have to use my best guess!

Happy knitting!

The Second Rainbow

Just a quick fly by post for my second rainbow. I finished my first rainbow here


I’ve worked the toe increases and most of the way up the foot. It’s slow going as Jelkybean has hit a bump in the road when it comes to sleep. So I’m grabbing ZZZs where I can leaving little time for knitting. Such is the ebb and flow of life.

(Not to mention chloe is staking her claim on snuggle time!)

Happy knitting!

The End Of The Rainbow!

Squeee!!!! It fits! Happy St Patrick’s to all! I thought it was fitting to show you my “pot of gold” at the end of my rainbow…..a finished sock…..

I played fast and loose with the cast off edge. I literally finished with 12 inches of yarn! I’m so pleased with my Rainbow socks so far. I wish the blue section was a little bigger as its my favorite color. But the overall rainbow is just so striking! Jaala with KnitCircus hit it out of the park with this one.

The slip stitch heel fits nicely. I am only loosely following this pattern. But it’s very well written and a perfect base for my mods. Now I just need to cast on the second one!

Happy Knitting!

Today On My Needles #6

conquered the heel but not with out a couple of mistakes along the way. I’m pretty sure I miscounted some where but by the time I finished the heel my stitch count was back to the correct amount? I’ve decided to thank the yarn gods and move on…

I seriously can’t put this down. The minute Jellybean is down for the night I pick up this sock. I only have two colors left!!  (And a whole other sock, lol.)

I haven slipped this off the needles yet to check the fit. I know my gauge at this yarn weight and needle size thanks to my recent sock binge. But even with that these might be a tad bigger than normal. If it is, oh well I guess I’ll just have to redo and keep playing with this wonderful yarn!

Happy Knitting!

And Now The Heel

It’s official….I’m well and truly addicted!

Not only have I re-knit the toe but I cruised right along up the foot. So far in fact I have to tink back about 6 rows! My sock is a bit too long and it’s time to start the heel turn.

The color change is so fabulous I can’t put it down! I really wanted to enjoy this knit as I have so been looking forward to it! And it’s been just as fabulous as I’d hoped. Spring is in the air and there is a rainbow on my needles!

Happy Knitting!