HO Friday: Toe Up Socks With a Difference

My Toe Up Socks with a Difference have reached HO status!

That’s half finished status. I even wove in the ends after making sure the fit was okay.

It’s not as snug as some of my other pairs but it’s not falling off my foot by any means. The double gusset under the heel feels like it fits nicely but I’d like to wear them before I pass final judgement.

For now I’m going to just admire the fantastic color!! (The sock, not my pasty white winter leg 😂)

Happy Knitting!!

Halfway Happy Valley

My Happy Valley socks are halfway there! (Don’t mind the dog hair…no matter how I clean it sticks to everything, sigh)

I’m copying the stitch count and measure from my Cygnus Vanillas with the exception that I’m working a gusset heel instead of an afterthought heel.

The yarn is Knit Picks Hawthorne Sport in the Happy Valley color. It’s playing quite nicely with my stitch count. I didn’t encounter any pooling or flashing, just some mild striping!

It actually went up farther than I anticipated based on how fast my yarn ball was shrinking, but not as far as my typical socks. But these are so lovely I’m just rolling with it. I used all but three yards of half of the ball…if that makes sense. I knit until I was scared I didn’t have enough to bind off and then stopped!

Now I need to get cracking on sock #2!

Happy Knitting!!

I Have A Sock HO

My purse project is growing!

I have a sock HO! (That’s a half finished object.) I’m obsessed with these colors and therefore this is seeing a lot of knitting time. I turned the heel while Jellybean was playing with Papa and I finished the leg while watching Dr Strange with the husband. I Love multitasking!

Fits quite nicely if I do say myself! Happy Knitting!