A New Bag

My memory sock yarn blanket had been living in the plastic packaging that some sheets had come in. At first I was happy with the see-through plastic bag that kept things nice and tidy with a zippered closure. But the bag now has seen better days and the blanket has grown to size that it doesn’t fit inside the bag with the scrap anymore.

So in a hormone fueled Etsy shopping incident, I may have procured a large project bag from Bags by Awesome Granny.

I went with a donut print and that may have been influenced by the never ending hunger that PB has foisted upon me as she packs on those last few baby ounces. But I think it’s pretty darn adorable regardless. And the pink lining makes me happy because who doesn’t love pink polka dots?

My folded blanket and scraps fit nicely inside, for now. This bag won’t see the project through to the end but it’s a 1,000% improvement from what I had. My blanket and scraps are both now safe from sticky three year old fingers. And the craftsmanship by Darlene is impeccable. This bag will hold many a project I’m sure in it’s tenure with me!

Do you have a bag maker that you discovered and loved?


The Memory Blanket Rides Again

While waiting for inspiration to strike….I pulled out my trusty memory blanket!

This just makes me so happy! I’m two squares away from squaring this off again. I don’t even care how hot this is on my lap while I knit, that’s how much I love this!

I did fall down the Etsy hole and may or may not have ordered a large project bag to contain this beast. Right now it lives in a plastic sheet set bag with the zipper that’s wearing out. I feel like something this beautiful deserves proper storage! I’ll share my bag once it gets here….teeehee….

Happy Knitting!!

Another Square Bites the Dust

My Memory Blanket has been quietly hibernating for over a month. I needed just one more square to finish a row. I thought my Antimuon yarn would be a perfect fit…

My knitting mojo has me torn between a lot of projects so I think I may pack this one back into hibernation for a bit. But maybe after just one more pet 😊

Happy Knitting!

Hitting Pause

I’ve gotten to where my blanket obsession has abated slightly. I managed to knit like crazy and get a crazy amount of progress!

I’m feeling the sirens call of other projects again. So I’ve moved this project to my bedside table for zen knitting before bed. Progress should slow considerably since I get about 10 minutes in before I fall asleep needles in hand. Oh the life of an exhausted toddler momma!

This might pick up some steam again in September as I joined a couple sick yarn swaps and I’m expecting some exciting new mini skeins!

Happy Knitting

Yet Another Blanket Update

My Memory Blanket is still growing!

I’ve added almost another entire row this week. Yes, I’m still stealing from full skeins of yarn to be able to keep working. I may have also ordered more mini skeins, but that’s a discussion for another day. For now I’m just going to admire the precious…

Happy knitting!! 

FO Friday: Memory Blanket

I was cleaning out my knitting storage and came across a surprise, my memory blanket I made in 2011! By 2011 my knitting had progressed from scarves to many many garter stitch baby blankets. At the time I had a slew of family and friends all having babies. It seemed that they would never stop. I think I made like 8 or 9 blankets in 2011?


After all those projects I had a ton of random acrylic baby blanket yarn left over. It was all different colors and yarn weight and I didn’t really want to store it. So on a whim, I just cast on a whole bunch of stitches and started working. I knit until I ran out of one color and then started the next one. I finished the project shortly after Christmas. I distinctly remember sitting at my Grandma’s kitchen table playing dominos with the family and trying to knit the blanket at the same time because I didn’t want the project to run over into 2012.


It’s not the best or prettiest blanket I have ever made, but it’s special to me. I can look at the various stripes an see all the babies I had knit for: Sofia, Bentley, Devin, Jackson, Orion, and Ely. And it’s perfect blanket to throw on my bed on a cold night or cuddle on the couch with. Isn’t it cool when something you knit becomes more than just FO?



Happy Friday and Happy Knitting!!!