Feeling Scrappy

My sock yarn memory blanket is officially square (ish) again.

I even spent an entire Jellybean nap and wove in more ends. I think I deserve a chocolate for that! This has just been very potato chippy for me lately. 

I think, purely arbitrarily, that I’m going to add another column instead of another row right now. I love this blanket so much that I don’t even care that it’s 70 degrees and I roast working on it. It’s my current zen knitting and I can’t put it down. Much to the suffering of my other WIPs!

Happy Knitting!

Growing Squares

My sock yarn memory blanket has seen some additional growth!

I started adding down the right hand side with four new squares. Then I had I skipped around and added one to the bottom. I get a little fussy about trying to mix up the colors and patterns. It’s just a part of the crazy that rolls around in my brain. I don’t like matching colors next to each other. And I have enough scraps that I don’t like solid next to solid or stripes next to stripes (if I can help it).

This project is just so satisfying and is perfect to pick up and put down. It’s kind of detouring my progress on other projects….oops!

Happy Knitting!!

Back To The Blanket

I once again felt the siren’s call of the Sock Yarn Memory blanket. Due to a recent bout of sinus infection and double ear infection I managed to add the entire bottom row while home sick from work.

I have amassed a ton of scraps over the past year and I have plenty of “fuel” to keep this going for awhile. I see this project as being heavy in the rotation for awhile! Sometimes I just sit and pet the pretty. Very good for stress relief but not so good for actually making progress, lol.

Happy Knitting!

Hitting Pause

I’ve gotten to where my blanket obsession has abated slightly. I managed to knit like crazy and get a crazy amount of progress!

I’m feeling the sirens call of other projects again. So I’ve moved this project to my bedside table for zen knitting before bed. Progress should slow considerably since I get about 10 minutes in before I fall asleep needles in hand. Oh the life of an exhausted toddler momma!

This might pick up some steam again in September as I joined a couple sick yarn swaps and I’m expecting some exciting new mini skeins!

Happy Knitting

Yet Another Blanket Update

My Memory Blanket is still growing!

I’ve added almost another entire row this week. Yes, I’m still stealing from full skeins of yarn to be able to keep working. I may have also ordered more mini skeins, but that’s a discussion for another day. For now I’m just going to admire the precious…

Happy knitting!! 

Blanket Obsession Update

The Memory Blanket is still growing!

I’m not sure why I have such a drive to work on this. I know in my knitterly brain that this is a long haul project and it will likely take months or years to finish to a decent size. But the square are just so satisfying!

Enough of this blather as I’m sure you are tired of it. Just enjoy the picture of the pretty precious!

Happy Knitting!

Memory Blanket Update

The Blanket” is growing again!

I’m at 31 and a 1/2 squares. I’m officially breaking in to some full skeins to add more to this blanket. It’s just so dang soothing and gratifying to work on I can’t stop!

I still don’t love picking up the stitches but sharp tipped needles help quite a bit. And I’ve fallen behind on my weaving in of ends (I’ve hidden them cleverly under the blanket). Perhaps I’ll catch that up during lunch today?

Happy Knitting!

Mini Fever

I may be late to the party but I’m in love with my sock yarn memory blanket. My furvor has abated a bit with the crazy summer schedule we have but I’m still working on it. 

I may have tripped and fell into Etsy the other day when I saw a steal of a deal on some mini skeins from a shop right here in my city,  AndeainBlue

My personal taste in sock yarn runs in the same color families so I needed some colors to shake things up! I got these five skeins of  “random” yarn and another five skeins of Shibui yarn sock minis (not pictured). 

I’ve already managed to work two into my blanket. Even know I feel the sirens call of my blanket. Maybe I can squeeze in half a square before work?

Happy Knitting!!