Crock Pot Asian Peanut Butter Pork

After many many days of sour stomachs and flu hangovers, the hubs and I have our appetite back! So in honor of that here is the latest Pinterest recipe adventure, Crock Pot Asian Peanut Butter Pork! (from a pin that led to the Cassie Craves food blog)


Ingredient list was simple and I only made two substitutions! I used apple cider vinegar instead if white because that’s what I had on hand and I used a bone in pork butt instead of tenderloin. Why you ask? Simple, bone in pork is tastier, cheaper, and holds moisture better (at least in my opinion). Moisture retention in slow cooked meats is essential!

Set up was easy too as I did all the measuring and slicing the night before and stored in the fridge. So in the morning i just had to throw together! First onion…


Then the trimmed up pork butt…


Then remainder of the ingredients….


I let this slow cook for 7 to 7 1/2 hours. The sauce did scorch a bit on the sides mostly because the hubs slacked on his scrape and stir job during the day. But it didn’t seem to affect the flavor. I deboned the pork and shredded with my fingers it was so tender. I chose to blend up the remaining liquid and onion into a sauce to make it creamier even though the recipe didn’t specify…


And then mixed in the sauce into my shredded pork…


I served mine with leftover corn and mashed potatoes from the fridge. But it would also be excellent over rice or even on a bun for a sandwich.


I LOVED this recipe mostly because I love PB. I could detect the tang of vinegar, little hints of brown sugar, and lots of peanut goodness. The hubs could take it or leave it, he wanted it to be spicier. (He also didn’t enjoy smelling PB all day either.) Such is the eternal struggle in our household, sigh.

This is another Pinterest success that I think will remain in my crock pot arsenal!


A Muffin To Brighten My Monday

Where do you stand on Pinterest recipes?

I love paging through wonderful recipes and creative craft ideas. But I have to admit… results have sometimes been less than stellar.

To cheer myself up after my washing machine/sewer overflow problem this past weekend I decided to try a delicious looking recipe from Pinterest, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins.

The instructions were easy and the ingredient list short, so I went from ingredients to finished baked cup cakes in less than 30 minutes. Here is my results:


Look great so far, right? I bake in silicone and use a rotation method with my really old and really stubborn oven so that I don’t end up with charcoal bricks.



Despite my best efforts the bottoms burned and it was really hard to peel the paper. I cooked the least amount of time the recipe suggested. Argh……



They were ugly BUT they were tasty! The mix of savory peanut butter with the sweet chocolate chips was amazing. The muffin was fairly light and maintained moisture even with the “over caramelization” of the bottom. (But hey, those just pull off right?) The recipe made 16 muffins for me that were about 200 calories apiece.

Next time I think I will use a nuttier tasting PB to punch up the flavor and also skim milk to trim a few calories. I am going to call this a Pinterest success because it was technically my oven and not the recipe that caused me problems.

I packed one of the muffins for breakfast at my desk this morning and my cubicle mate said it smelled wonderful. I doubt they last long in our house!!

Happy Monday!