A Dogs Life


We took Dex to the local dog day care for a day (I know we are now spoiling him rotten) as a reward for being a good fur brother to Jellybean. He LOVES it and came home so exhausted he almost fell sleep sitting up. I guess learning to doggy slide is hard work!

Oh how I wish I could have watched him play! What do you do to spoil your fur babies?


FO Friday: Bachelorette

This is a different sort of FO today! I am now officially done with my latest show, Bachelorette. We wrapped up our performances last weekend. It was an amazing and exhausting show. A very powerful piece about how some of my generation failed to grow up and the awful ways we sometimes treat the ones we love. It was even made into a movie in 2012, While the movie does incorporate almost everything in the play, it does it a much different order. And there is a happy ending. The play does NOT have a happy ending, lol.

This show stretched me in every way possible from the content, to singing out loud in front of people, and finally to playing a villain of sorts. I got to curse, drink, and scream on stage. I found it quite liberating!!

I was also blessed with an amazing cast! I have done a lot of shows in my life and this one was truly special. My cast mates were incredibly invested in the process, amazingly talented, showed up every day ready to work, and we just great all around people! No drama, no whining, and lots of encouragement and cooperation.

I want to share some of my favorite photos we took along the way!





And here are few just for laughs. We had to take “selfies” for promos and advertising for the show. I’m terrible at these and required some coaching, lol!






Happy Friday!!!

A Dog and His Best Friend

Dex is addicted to his frisbee. But it’s a vehicle through which he gets lots of exercise and stimulation. Which keeps him happy and healthy. So for as many days as we can safely manage in this hot summer we take him for trips to the park in the evening.


The hubs is WAY better at throwing than I, but Dex doesn’t seem to mind. He hauls butt after it every throw near or far. He never mastered the art of slowing down upon approach and has the tendency to face plant or spin out when he bends to pick up the Frisbee at full speed. Even if he loses sight of it he sniffs out his “baby”! I think it’s his best friend.



He always knows where his precious frisbee is at all times. And would sleep with it if we let him, lol. And when he is done fetching at the park he takes his toy and sits at the car and waits for us to take him home.


Subtle right? I think he may be a bit spoiled, we have created a monster!

I hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday! I’m off to get a little knitting done and then on to rehearsal!!

A Perfect Wedding…or at least a play about one

I finally got around to downloading some photos from my show, A Perfect Wedding. These photos were snapped by a very talented photographer, Bill Blankenship, from the Topeka Capital Journal. He has a knack for capturing the wackiest facial expressions and goofy postures as he takes lives snaps as we perform. So please enjoy some goofy pics from our show!!





















This show was a truly wild ride full of dropped lines, directors who quit, creepy backstage antics, lots of flue germs, and a whole lot of chaos. It was definitely one of my most interesting plays I have ever done. But still with all the crazy I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Where else can you be a complete weird-o and people think it’s awesome? I think I may be addicted….