Enabled: Knitmore Girl Style

I was minding my own business on the evening of April 1st when Jasmine of the Knitmore Girls Podcast hardcore enabled me with a FB post from Erin Lane Bags. As a not so April fools joke the ladies at Erin Lane Bags had an April Fools 50% off sale….no joke! I’m a weak weak knitter so I hoped on and couldn’t believe my eyes. So two sock bags made it into my cart and then into my mailbox. 

  I was feeling guilty about all the knitting related shopping I have done this year but my mom piped up and said she thought they were beautiful and she would pay for them for a Mothers Day gift. I get something pretty and she doesn’t have to shop. I love that my mom is also an enabler!


Never Enough Project Bags

A coworker has a cash and carry 31 party with yummy wine and finger foods. I may have tripped and my wallet fell out…

I picked up a zippered tall tote for a sweater project. It’s got all kinds of sneaky pockets for goodies.  
A mini zippered pouch for notions.

And a box pouch for socks.

I’ll swear it was the wine’s fault! But one can never have too many project bags!