Downpour Progress

I prepped my Downpour Socks awhile back. Well, I finally cast them on during my Colorado vacation. I managed to get both cuffs done in between family outings.

I tried to manage the yarn so they would match. I am close but not quite on the money. But it’s totally close enough for me! I put these aside until I can carve out a few minutes of alone time to count and get both set up rows down and marked. Toddlers/husbands plus counting don’t really go well together!

Happy Knitting!!


I Am The Master Of My Own Knitting

For this WIP Wednesday I give you, Stashbustin’ #33 aka Brick is finally making serious progress!!


After some major frogging and frustration, I think I have conquered the body of my sweater. And being of top down construction, I have tried it on and it fits exactly how I want. It’s loose without being baggy. I’m shooting for a cozy sweater to cuddle up with on weekends this fall/winter.


I have picked up the stitches for one of the arms. And based on the size of the opening and numbers of stitches, I’m definitely going to knit the sleeves with a taper. Otherwise I think they would just be WAY to big and loose. Good news is that I’m going to have enough yarn. Maybe even enough leftover for a small hat?

Happy Knitting