This Dog Can Hunt!

Since the move to the new house we have been taking the dogs to a new park. This park has wide open spaces and lots of fresh air. And most recently a pair of birds have taken up residence in a nearby tree. Chloe has taken quite the interest in them. First we exit the car and she sights her prey…



Then she stalks her prey through the tall grass….


Then she goes on point…(we never trained her to do this. I swear she just started doing it, lol!)



The birds of course HATE her and dive bomb at every turn…





After a few good barks from her and swoops by the birds we happily climb back in the car and go home for a bowl of cool water and belly rubs!



I love this puppy and all her quirks. I know she will never actually catch her birds. But she gets such joy from trying I can’t begrudge her. (I promise I will never let any harm come to her or any birds)