Festival Adventure!

I heard about the Mid-Plains Fiber Fair on the Prairie Girls Knit and Spin podcast awhile back. It was held in York Nebraska, which is a not so bad drive from my parents house.

So I left Jellybean with Grandpa and I loaded up the car with my mom and aunt and headed out!

It was a beautiful day and we arrived in short order!

It was the first year and relatively small but well organized and very nicely laid out. There was a ton of raw fiber and a lot of alpaca yarn. Neither of those things are my sweet spot but I found a couple of gems to come home with.

I got a shirt from KnitBaahPurl. It’s complexly adorable.

Then I was on the hunt for yarn for an upcoming shawl. I found the main color at Hansen Hand Dyes. It’s their Mega Merino skein of 820 yards of SW Merino in Boys Don’t Cry.

And the contrast color at T&H Fiber Works. It’s their Heather’s Favorite sock in Blue Suede Shoes.

Lastly I picked up some new buttons for my knitting bag 😍

I also pointed out some items to my mother who might have done some Christmas shopping!

The festival was fun ans I’ll definitely go back. It was especially fun to spend the day with my mom and Aunt!

Happy Knitting!!

Countess Ablaze Winner!

Late last year the Yarniacs podcast had a giveaway sponsored by Countess Ablaze. And this lucky duck won! I won some The Bluefaced Baron Fingering in the This Aint A Scene colorway. It’s crazy and gorgeous! And most definitely going to grow up to be a hat/mitts or a shawl….I just can’t decide!

And as a bonus Countess Ablaze threw in cotton a-tote bag complete with logo!

Pardon me…but I’m going to do some Rav searching to match this with some potential patterns!

Happy Knitting!!

A Mailbox of Minis

Ready for some yarn porn? I received my mini skeins from my swamp partners in the Down Cellar Studio Christmas Mini Skein swap

It was such a joy to go the mailbox everyday. I received the yummy yarn above and a few extra treats thrown in by swappers. I hadn’t ever really done a swap before. And this was a nice easy one to start with. People were so kind and wonderful. It was the epitome of the holiday spirit. I cannot wait to add these to my sock yarn memory blanket.  But that probably won’t happen until after the Super Bowl when the Pigskin Party KAL is done. Until then, I have more projects to finish!

Happy Knitting!!

Happy New Year and Happy New Yarn!

For many reasons the end of 2016 was pretty crappy for me. Christmas not withstanding because Christmas with a two year old is just awesome. (And no it’s not because any certain celebrity died.) The last quarter of 2016 was just one personal gut punch after another and that’s all I will say. A dear friend from college, bridesmaid in my wedding (ahem…almost 10 years ago), and definitely a knit worthy friend mailed me a care package. And it was yarn of course! She is a resident of the Pacific Northwest and has at her doorstep some of the best yarns in the US. At least in my opinion

She sent me two skeins of beautiful Knitted Wit Victory Sock in the Fiesta color. When I opened the package I sent her this photo…

Since I have two skeins of this yarn I think I’m envisioning a pair of socks for me. And the second skein will become a set of matching finger-less gloves. One pair for me and a pair for her. 

My life is blessed and I know that. I have a warm house, food to eat, and people who love me. But during the crappy times it really is nice to know someone notices and takes the time to do something to try to make it better. So if you need it right now I’m sending you a digital hug right now……

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Gradient Mitts

I had some surprise kid free time this week and I managed to finish the Gradient Mitts!

Pattern: Gradient Mitts by Krista McCurdy

Yarn: Prime Fingering from One Twisted Tree. I used the beachy mini skein set and then some miscellaneous black yarn to finish

Needles: US 3s

Mods: Rav noted here

I was SUPER excited how these worked up. The yarn held double makes them super warm. They aren’t as long as I normally make fingerless mitts but I kinda like that. My son has already stolen them as play things!

Bonus to this is that I used most of the kit from stash, these counted towards the December minis interception for the Pigskin Party KAL, and I have new warm mitts!

Happy Knitting!!

Happy Birthday To Me!

I’m a lucky girl today! I think I was a good girl because when I asked for yarn for my birthday…I got some!

Meet the precious….

Tough Love Sock from Sweet Georgia in the Stella colorway (via the Loopy Ewe)

Berry Colorful Yarnings Saturated Sock in Bit of Sunshine color (via the Loopy Ewe)

Orbit by String Theory Colorworks in the Cygnus colorway

Entanglement by String Theory Colorworks in their Antimuon color.

I am going to cast on the Orbit into some sport weight socks today as a birthday present to myself ☺️😍

Happy Knitting!!

Oops…More Yarn

My sister was here to help with Jellybean during my tonsillectomy recovery. While she was here she wanted me to pick out my birthday present so of course I chose yarn!

I knew I needed some more Knit Picks mighty stitch to finish my Might Rainbow Blanket since I stole yarn to make the Jayne Hat. So I threw those skeins in there and my sister helped me pick birthday yarn!

We settled on something new to me…Hawthorne Sport Multi! We chose Vancouver, Happy Valley, and Buckman.

One of these skeins will be socks for her. I’ve fallen in love with sport weight socks because they are so warm and they knit up crazy fast. I have so much on my needles they will have to marinade in stash for awhile. I’m okay with that, having stash is not a bad thing ☺️

Happy Knitting!!

KITHKC: Yarny Goodness

Yesterday I tantalized you with hidden Yarny treasures from my Knitting In The Heartland trip. Well here now are the goodies!

Nerd Girls Yarn – Bounce and Stomp in the Mutatis color way. This is a fingering 4-ply that’s 80/20 SW and nylon. It reminded me of my school colors and it had to come home with me! 
Show Me Yarns Bootheel in Party Cake Peeps color way. This is a light fingering 3-ply and the speckles were just too hard to resist!

This was my ultimate purchase! It is a 600 yard skein of fingering weight MCN from Treasure Goddess in Pieces of Eight color way. This took most of my budget but was TOTALLY worth it. I’m envisioning a beautiful shawl or scarf!

  This is Nymph Sock from Supernatural Yarns in the Hermoine Granger color way. I’m not a super HP fan but the color was too much to pass up!

Finally I picked up some bling fromThe Sexy Knitter. I got some new stitch markets and a pair of tiny snips for my mom and her embroidery.

I’ve now exhausted my yarn find so I need to be good for while to rebuild my reserve. I should have plenty of pretties to knit on though!

Happy Knitting!!