The Calm Before the Storm

This fall we have had some great thunderstorms roll through the great state of Kansas. I managed to snap a few photos with my DSLR camera before the the last storm rolled through. I am in love with how puffy the clouds get! The hot air mixing the cool. Grass and flowers waving the breeze. Your skin prickling with the change in energy. Clouds growing and collapsing. The light versus the dark….

















Where is Spring!?

Did I jinx myself by knitting a spring sweater? It’s been cold and damp and stormy in the plains. We desperately need the moisture but I haven’t seen the sun in a week! Starting to get grumpy….

We had some severe thunderstorms roll through last night. I think between the storms and all the packing for our move my fur babies are very unsettled.


Dex didn’t want me to knit. You aren’t even safe when brushing your teeth!


Our dogs aren’t scared in the sense they freak out. They just become very clingy, lol. See exhibit A of our 90 lb lab trying to be a lap puppy!


At bedtime all four of us tried to fit on a king sized bed. For me it was incredibly soothing to be snuggled up with all my favorite people (dogs can be people too) and falling asleep to the sounds of thunder. However, a particularly noxious fart from the lab got him relocated to the dog bed on the floor, lol.

Hopefully we can see some sun this weekend! We are t-minus 12 days to closing and t-minus 23 days to moving!