Just One More Stripe

I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of self striping yarn. My current pair of self striping socks leaves me just wanting “one more stripe before I stop”.

I even went so far as to knit past the heel placement and has to tink back three rows! You can just see my waist yarn peaking at the top. I’m in love with String Theory Colorworks and their striping genius. I love how the brights pop against the navy!

Happy Knitting!!

Cast On: Antimuon Vanilla Socks

With my Nangou almost done I started scheming for my next project. (Let’s forget the box of WIPs hibernating in the basement and the two pair of socks I already have on the needles.) I dug through my stash with glee and pulled a shiny skein of self striping.

For my last birthday my husband got me some String Theory Colorworks in the Entanglement base in the Antimuon color. This is a fingering to light fingering sock yarn. And the best part was this is sold in two matching half skeins. All I had to do was wind them up!

I will have to pull out a little of the skein on the right to make sure I start with the same color as the one on the left. My needles and notions are tucked in the bag just waiting for me to start. 😃

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Cygnus Vanilla Socks

Guess what I finished on Christmas Day? The Cygnus Vanilla Socks are done!

Pattern: 60 stitch toe-up vanilla socks with afterthought heel

Yarn: String Theory Orbit in the Cygnus color

Needles: US 2

I used 98 grams of the 100 gram skein leaving just enough leftover for future sock mending. They are snuggly and warm and boy, do those stripes just POP! String Theory Colorworks is definitely one of my favorite dyers!

These are also special because these are my 2016 birthday socks. I got the yarn from my husband and cast them on for my birthday cast on project. Bonus points for finishing them Christmas Day 🙂

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Cygnus Vanilla Socks

Boy do I love sport weight yarn! After all the fingering weight all the time this just flies off my needles. And it amazes me every time even though it’s basic physics that larger yarn makes bigger stitches, ergo more fabric faster.

My birthday socks have a foot! I am making these to match the dimensions of my Black Body Radiation socks and so far so good. The ripcord for the afterthought heel is installed and I’m cruising up the leg. Did I mention how much I love this yarn? The colors of String Theory Colorworks just pop and all those pinks and purples are just tickling my knitterly heart.

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Black Body Radiation Socks

These socks are my absolute favorite pair to date. I loved everything about them….the color, the yarn, the matching ❤️

Pattern: 60 stitch toe up vanilla sock with afterthought heel over 60% of the total stitches

Yarn: String Thoery Colorworks Orbit base in the Black Body Radiation color

Needles: US 2 nine inch circs 

I LOVE how great they match. This is really my first success at this pretty much ever. You guys….I knit these in FOUR DAYS over a long weekend that involved some grandparent time for Jellybean. I want to knit this yarn all the time in all the colors….seriously! My husband better hide my debit card.

Happy Knitting!!

Zooming Socks

I feel the need to shout this from the rooftops….I LOVE THIS YARN!

I started a sock this week and I already finished the first one! This is the Orbit base from String Theory Colorworks in the black body radiation color. It’s a heavy fingering to sport weight yarn. And boy does it zoom!!

I’m doing a 60 stitch vanilla sock on US2 needles. I did an afterthought heel to preserve my stripes. I have even started the second one and I’m optimistic I can make an exact matching pair!

I think I’m in love ❤️

Happy Knitting!

Oh Look…Pretty Yarn

I was in my fiber storage the other day putting away the scraps from my last couple of projects and I heard a tiny voice call “knit me!”

I peaked in my sock yarn bin and this glorious skein of String Theory Orbit in Black Body Radiation popped out at me. It was part of my 2016 sock yarn experiment haul and I hadn’t gotten to it yet.

Never mind the box of UFOs, I wound up this hot little skein in preparation for the DCS Pigskin Party KAL. I was even able to take a good crack at winding it so the stripes will match. Though I probably just jinxed it, lol. I need to get the Pot O Gold socks off my needles so this yarn can jump on them!

Happy Knitting

WIP Wednesday: Mandrake Vanilla Socks

I’ve made some reportable progress on my Mandrake Vanilla Socks!

The first sock is done. This is a 68 stitch toe up vanilla sock with afterthought heel. I like the afterthought heel for preserving the stripes but I’m not sure it’s the best fit for me depending on my gauge/stitch count. But it works well enough to keep using for now.

I’ve started the second sock. When I wound the yarn I made sure to get two matching balls that started with the same stripe. However, I didn’t even use close to 50% of the yarn for the first sock so I’ll have lots of leftovers. But I’m really enjoying the cashmere content in these socks so leftovers would be the worst thing ever!

Happy Knitting!!