FO Friday: Terribly Simple

My Terribly Simple is blocked and dry. I am beyond thrilled!

Pattern: Terribly Simple by Caitlin ffrench

Yarn: Hansen Hand Dyes Mega Merino for contrast color and T&H Fiber Works Heathers Favorite Sock for the main color. I used 74 yards of CC and 328 yards of MC.

Needle: US 5

Mods: Striped in a contrast color rather than the called for solid color in the pattern


I was extremely pleased withe finished result. The finished object is a perfectly squishy garter shawl that is long enough and skinny enough to be a lovely winter accessory. Seeing as it’s above 95 here in Kansas right now, I didn’t take any modeled shots. I just could bring myself to sweat that much!

Above is the right side of the garter. And below is the wrong side.

I think they both are aesthetically pleasing! I hope this means that no matter how I wear this one that it will be totally gorgeous. Happy Knitting!!


FO Friday: Sweet Cream Striped Raglan Cardigan



Stashbustin’ #12 is DONE!!!

I finished up this sweater this past weekend. It took me 11 days to complete this sweater. Nothing like a little stress knitting to light a fire under your butt. Finishing was pretty easy because I wove in my ends as I went. I did have to do some crochet “fixes” around the edges to make the different knit bands line up. After a good soak and blocking this sweater is ready for Spring!

I made the whole thing out of Lion Brand Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton that I picked up on clearance. The yarn was wonderful to work with. I have a soft spot for a good soft cotton, especially this time of year. The one regret I have is that I was not diligent in checking my dye lots on the lighter cream color. I knit the entire sweater down to the knit bands up the front before I realized. The darker stripe on the body of the sweater hid the fact that the creams didn’t match. Sigh, the color difference is subtle so I’m just going to live with it. As a knitter friend pointed out, I’m probably the only one that’s going to notice.

I used the Lion Brand Simple Raglan Cardi pattern that’s free online and the same as I used in my Simple Raglan Cardi. I just kept knitting the body until I got the length I wanted. The stripes are two inches each, except for on the arms where I didn’t want the sleeves to go past my elbows.



I can’t wait to give this sweater some wear. This is officially my first full sweater project and I’m very happy!! I think I have been bitten by the sweater bug.


I want one of my next Stashbustin’ projects to be Mud Season by Elizabeth Smith. I have the yarn in my stash and the pattern already marked up in my size! I just need to get a swatch started for gauge.

What’s on your needles this weekend?