Soooooo Close

You guys…..a Netflix binge and a Jellybean play date has me ALMOST done with my Daunt Cowl!

I finished up the oranges, reds and pinks. I had 7 colors left not the 4-5 I had guessed. But I powered through! Now I need to Kitchener in the round for the first time…..wish me luck…..

Happy Knitting!!


WIP Wednesday: Daunt Cowl (#3)

My Daunt Cowl feels like it’s really picking up steam!!

Last I posted I was finishing the purples. Well, over the Christmas holiday weekend I plowed through the blues and greens. And then before New Years I worked through yellows. I am finding the shrinking yarn ball more of a motivation than the stripes. Which I think is a weird twist to this project. Usually it’s the color change that pulls at me.

I only have 4-5 colors left and I really want this cowl to be finished! Boy howdy is it cold here in Kansas!

Brrrr…..and Happy Knitting!!

Terribly Simple Blocking

My Terribly Simple shawl is knitted and blocking!

I was rushed blocking this piece during Jellybean’s nap so it’s a little funny shaped. But I wear these like types of shawls like scarves so I don’t think it will matter in the end.

I hope this dries soon because I can’t wait to see this with ends woven in and all good to go!

Happy Knitting ❤️

WIP Wednesday: Terribly Simple #2

I’m not sure what I did during long car trips before knitting. Thanks to my husband driving, because he knows I like to knit, my Terribly Simple shawl has grown!

It’s a one row repeat that is perfectly soothing garter stitch. I’m improvising on the pattern a wee bit. I’m doing 10 garter ridges of the variegated yarn and then 2 garter ridges of the solid color yarn. So that 20 and four rows respectively. It’s getting quite big and scrunched up on the needles. I do admit that I stop and pet this project from time to time in-between rows….

Happy Knitting

Cuff Territory 

My Antimuon Vanilla Socks have seen some decent progress this week. The stripes really are addicting!

I have started the cuff but I’m not sure how much taller I’m going to get. It may come down to yarn management. You can see my heel waist yarn in the light color. I know I want to start with a navy section right before a green stripe. Just to satisfy my own OCD. So I may knit the cuff until I get to that repeat. I’ll just have to see.

Happy Knitting!!

Cowl-tastic Week

I’m in the season of accounting year end prep, never ending meetings, and mind numbing webinars. So I’ve packed my knitting with me to work all this week. I got in some great conference call knitting! I had a four hour accounting standards webinar….💤

And now I’ve eve started the spooky stripe section!

I’m loving my yarn color choices and the nice even stitches. It’s very soothing and keeps me focused on monotonous speakers. Maybe I can get this done faster than I thought?

Happy Knitting!

Zoom Zoom

My Mandrake socks are zooming!


I’ve had a bit of project ADD of late so a lot of things are getting a little progress. But these have been my purse knitting so they have gotten more than their fair share. Thanks to addicting strips of String Theory Colorworks yarn and a vanilla patter these are flying. I’m almost ready to establish the ribbing at the top of sock number two. After that all that is left is the afterthought heel. I’ll be sad and happy when these are done because they are so cheerful and the cashmere content is sooooo yummy under my fingers.

But one thing I find myself thinking about is the afterthought heel. I’m not finding it as comfortable as I used to. Well at least compared to the last couple socks that had toe up gusset heels. I already do an afterthought heel over 60% of the total stitches and it fits. It can feel a bit tight and not as form fitting as the gusset. Maybe my sock preferences are changing?

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Ocean Geek Socks

My Ocean Geek Socks are in the books!

Pattern: Geek Socks by Wei S Leong

Size: 70 sts total

Needles: US 1 circs

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in Lighthouse

These turned out fraternal and gorgeous! The wavy stripes are the penultimate in potato chip knitting and quite literally flew off my needles. I turned these in for the Down Cellar Studio pigskin party. They scored me 24 points coming in with just under 400 yards of yarn used. This is my second project turned for this and it’s been a real hoot so far! And of course the added bonus of another pair of socks for #operationsockdrawer and the coming winter.

Happy Knitting!

Stripes Of Fun

I’m addicted!


This yarn is dreamy and wonderful! My conference vanilla socks are growing. I did not know what to expect with this yarn as the colors appear to be random. It’s such potato chip knitting as I can’t wait to keep knitting to find out the next color!


For those with inquiring minds this is Wisdom Yarn’s Saki Bamboo in crayon box. I’m two inches past the heel and considering starting the ribbing early to negate the “slouch” factor of the bamboo with the pulling in that ribbing gives you. But I just can’t decide. These are the conundrums you have when making up the knitting as you go, lol!

Happy Knitting!